Wedge House Project Update

Recent release of photos from site, show excellent progress being made on the Wedge House Hotel project. Having now completed at the off-site location, the focus has turned to onsite, with the precast panels rapidly being hung on the building, as they work horizontally around each elevation on a floor-by-floor basis. The main unitised glazing panels start in earnest at the beginning of September and the manufacturing process is well on the way.

National Cup-cake Day

It is our duty and a privilege to care for those in need, and as we continue to take up our corporate social responsibility, we took part in the National Cupcake Day today to support the Alzheimer’s society.

Design Team Away Day

Great off-site team strategy session yesterday with the key Colorminium design team personnel working through the improvement of our people, processes and partner relationships. We are immensely proud of the team’s open mindedness and customer centric approach in measuring and reviewing our quest for perfection!

CWCT Course – Built-up walls: Construction & Specification

Developing and Training our staff continues to be an essential part of the business. It was excellent to have some of our Preconstruction staff, Angus Munn, Chetwyn Fleck and Russell Price attend a CWCT course yesterday on Built up walls: Construction and Specification.

The course material went over the general principles of façade types and specifications as well as the various methods of testing and QA and touching on the management of the supply chain and design co-ordination. Very well presented by Alan Keiller and Stephen Ledbetter and it was found to be greatly beneficial.

CWCT Course – Fires performance in facades

Great to have Dougie Wells, Charles Strachan and Daniel Cristolovean attend a CWCT course last week on Fire Performance of Facades. The course material went over the general principles as well as governing standards and classifications, followed by a more in-depth look into fire performance in built up walls and glazed facade systems. It also included looking at historic data from previous incidents as well as fire test data.

Thanks to those who presented it, those that attended definitely found it insightful.

Dynamic Facade Testing: When and Why should you do it?

It’s a tough question really because a façade is rarely a single entity with no variations. Usually there are edges and interfaces with other materials or construction types. A glazed assembly – unitised or stick system runs into a sheer wall with rainscreen cladding, or precast concrete for example. Maybe the curtain wall has some opening vents with specific performance criterion or is penetrated by support members for a canopy or other external features on the building. Are you then testing the façade system? The window? The penetration detail and the sealing – often this will come down to workmanship on site and the correct application of perimeter membranes and their fixation to the structure. Or are we testing the façade as a collection of systems and details behaving in a unique way because of their positioning within the specific collection of neighbouring components?

What is Compliance for Colorminium?

Contemplating what Compliance really is for Colorminium … yes, the Integrated Management System (the IMS) was first launched in 2011 and provided the basis for accreditations by BSI to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001,… and yes, the IMS has been audited annually for each of the three Standards by BSI as well as other organisations like Achilles for Building Confidence… and yes it has successfully satisfied the probing to show the organisation to be compliant with a multitude of relevant aspects of legislation and Standards requirements, and demonstrated operational control in implementation of procedure and process… but is this all that Compliance really is?

Company Culture

Creating the extremely strong company culture that we have at Colorminium takes collaboration. We place huge value on the opinions of our colleagues as we strive to create a working environment that gets the best out of everyone.

To help us achieve this, we recently encouraged staff to take part in a survey in partnership with Best Employers Eastern Region which will not only benchmark us against other businesses in the East of England but will also allow us to continuously improve in the areas that count.

Colorminium Interview with Lars Anders from Priedemann Facade Experts

We sat down with Lars Anders, Managing Director of Priedemann to understand his approach to the market and his view of the industry.

How long have you been in the industry and what are some of your stand out projects?

To be honest, I´ve been in the facade industry for nearly my whole lifetime. My father had a locksmith’s shop in Berlin, which I took over and grew up to 55 employees. We had a lot of big projects in the newly reunified Berlin, the whole country was in a gold rush mood. But some clients decided for against paying, or paying later and less, that was fatal for many smaller and owner led businesses. So I turned from manufacturing to consulting and engineering.

Safety Leadership

Working within the construction industry, adhering to health and safety regulations is, of course, essential. However, at Colorminium, it is our belief that we need to delve deeper and not just tick boxes to comply with legislation. We strive to create a safety culture that involves everyone across the business and not just those working on our project sites – it is imperative that the risks associated with our working environment are understood by all.

Guardian Glass Event

We were very privileged to be invited by Guardian Glass, as a valued customer, to an exclusive event held in London which was dedicated to discussing the challenges and issues relating to Project Designs relating to Glass and the Construction Industry as a whole.

With attendees from across the industry including Facade consultants, Architects, Main Contractors and Developers, Dougie Wells and Luka Perusko represented Colorminium and found it a great opportunity to network, listen and contribute to the different views from around the industry.

Peforated Mesh Cladding

Following a recent factory visit to one of our cladding partners, we decided to share our insights into a facade product which we have found to have great architectural appeal.

The subject product is profiled, perforated, aluminium sheet cladding, which gives a unique, modern rhythmic aesthetic to complement any building.

Wedge House Update

With the off-site work now drawing to a completion, the on-site work is now commencing in earnest, with the completed panels starting to be hung on the building today. The offsite manufacturing process adopted has proved a great success.

In conjunction with the installation of the panels, the site fitted elements are being manufactured and we look forward to the installation of these commencing during August.

With the design nearing completion, the focus from the team is preparing for the works onsite. Congratulations to Josh Shimwell, Rowan Cantley, Ian Price, Gaurav Gajjar and Lester Price.

Kier Leaders Conference

Colorminium were delighted to be one of 16 key supply chain partners to present at the Kier leaders conference, showcasing our work on the Wedge House scheme.

Kieran Mallinson and Ronnie Myatt met with 200 Kier Directors to engage in active discussion on partnership through collaboration. With national representation from Kier, this was a great opportunity for us to further enhance our status as market leaders in facade design and construction.

Employee Engagement Summit 2018

Excellent to have our HR team attend the Employee Engagement Summit today. Being Europe’s biggest employee engagement event, it comes back bigger than ever this year and it is an excellent opportunity to be involved.

With 45 different speakers, showcasing the best from the industry, it is definitely a good opportunity to get some insights and ideas to progress the company as our employees continue to be the largest priority.

We are recruiting…

Would you like to further your career with a leading Facade specialist? We are offering you the opportunity to be part of a forward thinking company, placing their employees at the forefront of what they do and the chance to be part of a vibrant team focusing on the same mission.

The 3 roles are:

Site Manager
Facade Site Supervisor
Facade Site Logistics Supervisor

National ‘On Your Feet’ Britain Day

Friday 27th April is ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day. This is a National day when workers across Britain unite together to sit less and move more at work. The challenge dares you to convert sitting time to standing time by following some simple changes.

So to support this we promoted the following:-

Stadium Project Progress

Excellent progress being made on our stadium project as we near completion. As we continue to rapidly close out a large part of the works, the project is becoming an increasingly impressive construction and will produce an end result that is fitting to sit within Colorminium’s portfolio.

With many logistical and design challenges faced, the team continue to be very busy producing solutions to ensure success is achieved.

Business Breakfast Event

An excellent industry focused session enjoyed this morning centred on the topic of “What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Façade Contractors to survive?”.

We were privileged to have a representation and voice from across all aspects of the industry – those that joined us in the discussion were;

Harry Badham (Development Director- AXA-IM), Damian Rogan (Head of Facade Engineering – Eckersley O’Callaghan), Steve Mudie (Partner – Alinea Consulting), Wayne McKiernan (Partner – PLP Architecture), Eamonn Wall (Divisional Director – ISG), Tom Bishop (Project Manager – Future 54) and Paul Spiller (Regional Commercial Director – Sir Robert McAlpine).

Business Breakfast Event Tomorrow

We are looking forward to our first ever Business Breakfast Event we are holding tomorrow at The Gherkin.

We have selected a number of guests that represent the industry, from clients, architects, consultants and contractors, to discuss the topic of…

“What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Facade Contractors to Survive”

Project Awarded: University of Winchester

We are very glad to have been recently awarded the contract for the University of Winchester scheme. This is an excellent opportunity for Colorminium to increase our experience and portfolio with another project that see’s us take complete control of the external envelope.

The stunning project comprises of 3 blocks which is wrapped in a complex facade giving us the chance to show our expertise and bring our design led approach to the forefront. The pallette of materials includes Corten steel cladding and brise soleil alongside architectural glazing.

Financial Controller shares interesting insights

To learn and establish exactly what the differences between the Construction Industry and other industries are, we sat down with David Raffaelli (Financial Controller).

Having been in the construction Industry for 6 months now, since you started here, what would you say is the biggest difference between the way the oil industry works (where you previously worked) and the way the construction industry operates?

I would say the biggest difference is the offering of the product. This may seem an obvious answer, but in the oil industry, you only really sell one thing, which is oil products (petrol, diesel etc), and there is nothing you can do with that product to really differentiate yourself from your competitor, so price is generally always the number one factor, followed a long way back by service and relationships
In the construction industry, and particularly with what Colorminium are offering, there are several ways you can differentiate your product to gain an advantage on your competitors, and it isn’t necessarily price driven. Certainly, value for money is a key decision factor in any industry, but working with your customer to bring their designs to life, and understanding their needs can be far more valuable to them than a pure bottom line decision.

Stadium Tool-box talk

Once again our focus on the safety of our operatives is highlighted as one of our Senior Site Managers holds a Tool-box talk on site on our stadium project.

This one discussed the need to act safely when working from scaffold platforms.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

New Starter – Welcome John Wilson

We are very pleased to welcome a new staff member to the company. John Wilson joins us as a highly qualified Design Manager, bringing a wealth of expertise from his many years in the industry to the Design team.

”I started my career in construction by studying Architectural Technology at Southampton College. I have been in the industry for 32 years, working for Architects, Contractors and envelope sub-contractors and working closely with material suppliers. Within these years, I have covered all aspects of the Building envelope including roofing, rain-screen cladding, curtain walling and windows and doors which has helped me gain invaluable experience and understanding of how the industry operates both technically and commercially.

Safety Awards on our Stadium project

Excellent progress on our Stadium project as we see 3 of our Operatives awarded for their Safety approach on the job. With over 2000 operatives on the site, this was a high accolade to have members of our team singled out for an exceptional approach to safety.

Congratulations to Ivan Ivanov, Todor Tosifof and Atanas Mitov.

This is testament to our approach to safety leadership and ensuring that the correct emphasis is put on the welfare and safety of our installers in particular but also our employees in general.