Peforated Mesh Cladding

Following a recent factory visit to one of our cladding partners, we decided to share our insights into a facade product which we have found to have great architectural appeal.

The subject product is profiled, perforated, aluminium sheet cladding, which gives a unique, modern rhythmic aesthetic to complement any building.

Wedge House Update

With the off-site work now drawing to a completion, the on-site work is now commencing in earnest, with the completed panels starting to be hung on the building today. The offsite manufacturing process adopted has proved a great success.

In conjunction with the installation of the panels, the site fitted elements are being manufactured and we look forward to the installation of these commencing during August.

With the design nearing completion, the focus from the team is preparing for the works onsite. Congratulations to Josh Shimwell, Rowan Cantley, Ian Price, Gaurav Gajjar and Lester Price.

Kier Leaders Conference

Colorminium were delighted to be one of 16 key supply chain partners to present at the Kier leaders conference, showcasing our work on the Wedge House scheme.

Kieran Mallinson and Ronnie Myatt met with 200 Kier Directors to engage in active discussion on partnership through collaboration. With national representation from Kier, this was a great opportunity for us to further enhance our status as market leaders in facade design and construction.

Employee Engagement Summit 2018

Excellent to have our HR team attend the Employee Engagement Summit today. Being Europe’s biggest employee engagement event, it comes back bigger than ever this year and it is an excellent opportunity to be involved.

With 45 different speakers, showcasing the best from the industry, it is definitely a good opportunity to get some insights and ideas to progress the company as our employees continue to be the largest priority.

We are recruiting…

Would you like to further your career with a leading Facade specialist? We are offering you the opportunity to be part of a forward thinking company, placing their employees at the forefront of what they do and the chance to be part of a vibrant team focusing on the same mission.

The 3 roles are:

Site Manager
Facade Site Supervisor
Facade Site Logistics Supervisor

National ‘On Your Feet’ Britain Day

Friday 27th April is ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day. This is a National day when workers across Britain unite together to sit less and move more at work. The challenge dares you to convert sitting time to standing time by following some simple changes.

So to support this we promoted the following:-

Business Breakfast Event

An excellent industry focused session enjoyed this morning centred on the topic of “What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Façade Contractors to survive?”.

We were privileged to have a representation and voice from across all aspects of the industry – those that joined us in the discussion were;

Harry Badham (Development Director- AXA-IM), Damian Rogan (Head of Facade Engineering – Eckersley O’Callaghan), Steve Mudie (Partner – Alinea Consulting), Wayne McKiernan (Partner – PLP Architecture), Eamonn Wall (Divisional Director – ISG), Tom Bishop (Project Manager – Future 54) and Paul Spiller (Regional Commercial Director – Sir Robert McAlpine).

Business Breakfast Event Tomorrow

We are looking forward to our first ever Business Breakfast Event we are holding tomorrow at The Gherkin.

We have selected a number of guests that represent the industry, from clients, architects, consultants and contractors, to discuss the topic of…

“What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Facade Contractors to Survive”

Project Awarded: University of Winchester

We are very glad to have been recently awarded the contract for the University of Winchester scheme. This is an excellent opportunity for Colorminium to increase our experience and portfolio with another project that see’s us take complete control of the external envelope.

The stunning project comprises of 3 blocks which is wrapped in a complex facade giving us the chance to show our expertise and bring our design led approach to the forefront. The pallette of materials includes Corten steel cladding and brise soleil alongside architectural glazing.

Financial Controller shares interesting insights

To learn and establish exactly what the differences between the Construction Industry and other industries are, we sat down with David Raffaelli (Financial Controller).

Having been in the construction Industry for 6 months now, since you started here, what would you say is the biggest difference between the way the oil industry works (where you previously worked) and the way the construction industry operates?

I would say the biggest difference is the offering of the product. This may seem an obvious answer, but in the oil industry, you only really sell one thing, which is oil products (petrol, diesel etc), and there is nothing you can do with that product to really differentiate yourself from your competitor, so price is generally always the number one factor, followed a long way back by service and relationships
In the construction industry, and particularly with what Colorminium are offering, there are several ways you can differentiate your product to gain an advantage on your competitors, and it isn’t necessarily price driven. Certainly, value for money is a key decision factor in any industry, but working with your customer to bring their designs to life, and understanding their needs can be far more valuable to them than a pure bottom line decision.

New Starter – Welcome John Wilson

We are very pleased to welcome a new staff member to the company. John Wilson joins us as a highly qualified Design Manager, bringing a wealth of expertise from his many years in the industry to the Design team.

”I started my career in construction by studying Architectural Technology at Southampton College. I have been in the industry for 32 years, working for Architects, Contractors and envelope sub-contractors and working closely with material suppliers. Within these years, I have covered all aspects of the Building envelope including roofing, rain-screen cladding, curtain walling and windows and doors which has helped me gain invaluable experience and understanding of how the industry operates both technically and commercially.

All-staff Catch-up

Focusing together achieves more….as the quote states ‘teamwork makes the dreamwork’

To keep this in the forefront of our minds is essential to achieve our goal as a whole but also to help realise the clients ‘dream’ on a project.

To re-unite our staff was a great exercise to re-focus our minds on the goal and what we can achieve together as well as celebrate our successes.

With many new staff since the new year, it was a great opportunity to bring the team even closer, facilitated through team building exercises.

What we can learn from Winston Churchill to improve the effectiveness of managing the programme?

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill. What we can learn from this statesman to help improve the programme management of a project?

As we know the planning process is a large part of managing the project effectively. Due to the demanding nature of project programmes, it’s essential that it is managed and controlled suitably to ensure you meet timescales and manage the customers expectations. Below are methods that need to be adopted in order to achieve this:

Wedge House Progress

The on site process at the Wedge House project has commenced as we see the first pre-cast panels being hung on the building. The majority of windows are being installed in the concrete panels at an off-site location apart from the hoist bay locations.

With a growing stock of completed panels in storage, the on-site duration will be significantly quicker than a traditional site built methodology.

Keep an eye out as we share key points we have learned from the off-site manufacturing process and the advantages it has bought us.

Colorminium present to a University in Croatia.

Colorminium are proud to be actively seeking to address the skills shortage in the Construction Industry by creating strategic partnerships with technical schools / universities. In doing so we offer unique work experience, employment opportunities and mentoring to ambitious and talented individuals who are pursuing a career in technical design and construction.

Seen in the photos below are Reuben Price and Luka Perusko presenting to the Politehnika University in Pula, Croatia last week following which we were pleased to sign up to their student work experience and mentoring programme.

Watch this space!

Opening of new office in London!

Colorminium has now opened a new office in Central London. With our strong portfolio of work continuing to grow, this is a key milestone in positioning the business at the heart of its client base and within easy reach of the architects, design teams and contractors that contribute to our success.

Situated on the City fringe in Aldgate, this new location will accommodate the growth of the company and provide a stronger local presence, a more flexible and accessible venue for meetings enabling our teams to provide support and advice to an increased number of customers and projects. The headquarters remains in Chelmsford, Essex.

Royal Holloway, University of London

With the completion of the new Emily Wilding Davison Library building at the Royal Holloway University London a now distant past, it seemed an appropriate time to cast our minds back to the success of this landmark project.

Take some time to watch and listen to Paul Layzell – the Principal of the University, as he shares his views on the project and how selecting the right partners to build the project was essential to its success.

Design Team Off-site day

Yesterday, our Design Team had an off-site day as part of a team-building programme to increase collaboration and teamwork, as well as getting to know each other.

They visited a 4×4 driving venue which gave them the opportunity to collaborate and communicate in a way that they wouldn’t usually in the workplace.

Great demonstration of how we are continuing to invest time into our staff with a view to improve the way we serve our clients.

PCSA/Early Design

Pre-Contract Service Agreements or PCSAs are becoming more common in the façade world. They are no longer restricted to the iconic landmark projects where there are only 2 or 3 contractors in the world capable of delivering them, and one is selected at an early stage, and paid to develop the design to a point where costing is relatively well understood and aligned with the ultimate project business plan.

ATHENA Training

A day of ATHENA training with some of our design team took place on Tuesday to introduce our employees to a new and improved software.

This software links LogiKal and AutoCAD to provide ease of use and seamless working to our Design Department in view of streamlining the process.

This investment is absolutely necessary to keep us at the top of our game, and as technology continues to disrupt the industry, it is essential that we are investing in the best technology to be able to provide our clients with the best service possible.

Beast from the East affecting Construction

How affected have you been on your construction sites as a result of “The Beast from the East”? Some of our site operatives have found the current weather conditions having no affect at all on production!

Our Operations team made the decision to invest into a 100m x 30m shelter for our installation operatives, for the purpose of installing windows into precast panels. Having provided this controlled environment to work in and a platform to make progress at a more consistent speed without any hindrance from adverse weather, has been a tremendous success to date.

HR team attend a CIPD Conference

Continuing our pursuit for top-talent and best practise in everything we do, our HR team attended a CIPD Conference earlier this week to gain greater insight and skills to achieve a more successful and effective Recruitment Process.

With our people being our greatest asset, it is essential that when recruiting we bring in the right people that can contribute to our our overall Company Vision.

IOSH Course

Colorminium regard Health & Safety as a highly important factor of what we do. As part of this ongoing commitment, this was demonstrated clearly yesterday through the Company Founder and Board of Directors attending the IOSH, Managing Health & Safety for Directors and Executives course.

The commitment our Directors are making to ensure all our staff and those that represent Colorminium are kept safe whilst at work and return safely to home every night, is honourable.