Principles of Acoustics

The subject of acoustics, often perceived as somewhat of a dark art, is something that needs to be considered on almost every project in the façade industry. Whilst this is an extensive and detailed topic we have set out below a few basic principles.

The Lifting Challenge

The challenge – a 1100kg piece of glass, 5.4m wide, 2.1m tall, scaffold just 200mm from the final position of the glass and no tower crane access possible….

Attracting Millennials to Construction

The problem of an ageing workforce in the UK is a very real one and nowhere more so than within the Construction industry. It has consistently been reported that there is an increasing amount of skilled workers looking towards retirement in the near future, and this paired with a lack of new talent coming through, could equal trouble for organisations who may simply end up without the labour required to operate successfully.

Laminated Architectural Glass

A brief description of the process of manufacturing laminated glass.

Glass suppliers will supply laminated glass in stock Jumbo sizes in various standard configurations of thicknesses and coatings but very often these do not suit the requirements of our project and the glasses must be made up as cut to size laminated sheets.

Heat Treated Glass – Features and Flaws

Books can and have been written on this topic but hopefully this extremely summarised account will enlighten some.

To increase the strength of float glass we can heat treat it. There are 2 levels of treatment covered under the current standards. Heat Strengthened and Toughened (also known as Fully Tempered). Strengthened glass increases the strength of the glass by 2 and Toughened increases it by 4 to 5 times compared to annealed glass of the same thickness. Of the 2 only Toughened glass is classified as a class A safety glass.

Thermal Fracture in Glass Units

Thermal fracture is the name given to glass breakages that occur due to high ranges of temperature variation within the glass unit. When areas within a glass unit heat up faster and to a higher temperature than other areas within the same unit then it will lead to increased stresses with in a unit and the chance of the glass cracking increases.

Assessing the Visual Appearance and Acceptability of Glass

Traditionally in the UK glass in commercial buildings has been assessed in line with TN 35 published by the CWCT, GGF Guidelines, Hadamar and various BS EN standards. These documents define inspection methodology in terms of viewing distance and angle and crucially what is or isn’t considered to be a defect.

Effect of floor slab movement on system selection

Glazing and cladding systems need to be designed to allow for building movements without compromising the performance or safety of the system. Therefore, the effects of building movements on the glazing system selection needs to be considered at the early planning stage of a project to ensure that the correct glazing system is specified.

Re-accreditation of BSI

Following thorough independent Audits of the Integrated Management System undertaken by BSI, Colorminium have again successfully obtained recertification to all three of the Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards, marking the 6th anniversary of Accreditation to these Standards by BSI.

Our approach to Safety Leadership

To learn and establish exactly how we approach Safety Leadership and what it means for Colorminium, we sat down with Kay Jarvis (Human Resources & Compliance Director)

Human Resources Strategic Away Day

Monday 9th October was slightly different for our HR Team at Colorminium. Kay Jarvis, Simon Parry and Cheryl Price held an off-site meeting to finalise their strategy for 2018.

Mental Health in Construction Week

Colorminium have been turning our attention to mental health in the workplace – supporting the industry led focus this week on ‘mental health week’ in Construction.

At any given time, across England and Wales, one worker in six is said to be experiencing depression, anxiety or other stress related problems. Assuming an industry population of 2.1 million people (6% of the UK workforce) that suggests 350,000 construction professionals may be affected.

Architectural Bronze spearheads Colorminium’s portfolio.

Use of Architectural Bronze in modern architecture remains at the forefront of what Colorminium do. With the list of completed projects continuing to grow, our expertise in bringing this unique and complex material to market is getting more and more extensive.

11-15 Grosvenor Crescent Testimonial

With the project at 11-15 Grosvenor Crescent now completed, it’s great to look back to this time two years ago when we completed our PCSA agreement with Mace as below. This project has been a great success and ultimately turned the clients vision into reality with some stunning engineering.

Best of Best Table-Tennis Tournament now at a close

Over the past few weeks, Colorminium have staged a table-tennis tournament. It was a great scheme to generate competitiveness amongst the staff but also a great way to develop and showcase the great culture we have here at Colorminium.

Colorminium Joins the Supply Chain Sustainability School

The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a fantastic outlet to access thousands of resources with a focus on sustainability in the construction sector. The school gives members and partners the hub they need to ensure they are doing all they can to be as sustainable as possible.

The supply chain sustainability school is a group of over 60 major competitors and clients within the construction industry working together to tackle the environmental and social sustainability within the industry.

Steve Woodcock Nominated for SHP Rising Star in Health & Safety Award 2017

The 21st of June 2017 will see those who have shown an unrivalled dedication to health & safety rewarded for their commitment to the well-being of their peers and colleagues.

The national award celebrates the future leaders of the profession from across the UK under one roof, giving them the chance to learn about new products and approaches to safety.

Steve Woodcock (a project manager at Colorminium) has been nominated for the award due to his unwavering level of dedication to health and safety across his various projects.

Colorminium Move to Chelmsford

As of the 27th of March, we will be working from our new offices at 23 Springfield Lyons, Chelmsford.

The move is a massive landmark for Colorminium, showing not only growth in the business but adapting to a new way of working. The new offices are designed purely around the concept of promoting creativity. This concept is enforced through ‘railway carriages’, a hot desking system and silent work rooms.

Railway carriages will allow staff to hold small, informal meetings to bounce ideas off of one another, or simply work in a different environment for a short while. The carriages are equipped with a table and comfortable seating to promote imagination and an interpersonal approach to work.

Hot desking is a system with proven results, showing higher staff engagement and an increase in positive work attitude. This system will allow staff to work amongst different personnel with different skillsets that may aid a specific stage of a project they are currently undertaking.

Silent work rooms will be a fantastic way to escape your desk for a while and really focus on essential work that needs to be done. The use of silent work rooms will ensure that staff can work privately on a project when required.

When approached on the move to the Chelmsford offices, Ian Price (Founder of Colorminium) stated “I founded the company in 1976, and to see how far we have come since then is absolutely incredible. I am thrilled for not only what we have achieved as a company, but what we have achieved as a team”.

“As we diversify as a business, so do we in the way that we work. We are a group of creatives and it is important that we promote that in the workplace”.

“2016 has been one of our most successful years yet, seeing us deliver many award-winning facades. I am confident that the coming years will only be better”.

The new headquarters for Colorminium will be at:

23 Springfield Lyons