Market trends

To find out more about the direction the market is heading, we sat down with Ronnie Myatt (Business Development Manager).

Colorminium and Client Relationships

To learn more about our client relations, we sat down with Steve Sharp (Commercial Manager at Colorminium) to find out how we create relationships with our clients and ensure they remain happy with the project throughout completion.

How do we deliver value for clients?

Our aim is to work closely with our clients as early as possible within the tender stage. We can then work with the Client and Design Team to ensure their concept design is aligned with costs. Throughout the process we also take a very pro-active approach to value engineering, offering options to the client which may help reduce costs. With our preferred supply chain partners, we can work with the client to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality whilst keeping within time and cost restraints of the project.

Colorminium Move to Chelmsford – 2 Months On

To commemorate the move to our Chelmsford offices, we sat down with Ian Price (Founder of Colorminium) to find out if the move was the right decision and if it has had an impact during this short space of time.

Does this new office space reflect Colorminium’s core values?

I think it totally reflects our core values. To care for our staff is our top priority because we are a people business. People to people is where we win. I firmly believe that you can feel the passion flowing, it creates a pulsating environment, that is what Colorminium is. The more we look after our people, the more we bond together, the more we knit together helps to make the entity in which we work in thrive and become stronger.

Celebrating 40 Years of Colorminium

To celebrate 40 years of Colorminium, we sat down with Ross Price (Managing Director at Colorminium) to find out how Colorminium has stood the test of time and how the industry has changed.

Colorminium is 40 this year. You must be very proud of what the company has achieved?

We are very proud of our legacy. You only have to look over the London skyline to see the impressive array of projects we’ve worked on over the years, utilising different styles, materials and designs.

We’ve had 40 years of success, but we always feel we have more to learn, and more challenges to face, which will help us grow and advance as a company. We can never sit back and say, ‘we’ve made it!’, because there is always room for improvement.

We question what we do, why we exist, and we genuinely believe that through our contribution, we add value for clients with buildings that enable them to enhance their public profile or attract and retain staff.