The Minories Hotel, Aldgate

This recently completed project sees the first Canopy by Hilton open it’s doors to guests in Aldgate London.

Commissioned by the client, 4C Hotel Group in January 2017 to work on the largest hotel project in their portfolio, Colorminium worked on a façade strategy starting with optimisation through to developing the detailed design of the façade with Acme architects from RIBA stage 2.

This early engagement enabled us to realise the vision of celebrating the existing façade with a bespoke feature fin system that clad the existing pre-cast frame, to give it the stunning finish we see today.

This video captures our journey with the Client and Architect on another stunning landmark scheme – working together to build a sustainable future for London.

Listen to how the University of Winchester made their mark

A truly exceptional development – a long time in the making that required a determined and courageous team to try something different.

The West Downs Campus for the University of Winchester is truly a product of exceptional engineering at its heart.  Colorminium were privileged to work alongside some very visionary stakeholders who were keen to put the University well and truly on the map and make a clear statement about who they are and what they stand for.

Take a listen to what the team has to share.

University of Winchester formally handed over

The University of Winchester’s landmark learning and teaching building at its West Downs Quarter has been formally handed over to the University by main contractor Osborne, just over two years after the groundbreaking ceremony in January 2018.

A truly exceptional and architecturally stunning facade with great enhanced teaching and learning facilities.

Colorminium having been responsible for designing and delivering the entire building envelope, can certainly look back at the exciting yet challenging journey the design and engineering pathway has led to.

From handling over 80-tons of structural and architectural corten to interfacing with a hand-laid flint wall the architecture boasts some of the most unique products but beautifully meshed together to form another leading innovative building for the University.

Video Credits: University of Winchester

2019 Summary , 2020 Lookahead

2019 feels already like a distant memory. We cast our minds back to when we spoke to a number of employees from across the business to hear them describe the year in their own words, talk about the challenges, the opportunities and how the company is made up of great people, all living by the same set of values, sharing a common purpose, objective and goals.

We are passionate about encouraging greater levels of collaboration and partnership between Colorminium, our supply chain and our partners – key influencers and clients in order to strengthen relationships, and continue to create greater levels of knowledge sharing – Together we can be stronger.

5 Key Takeaways from Our Business Breakfast Event at The Gherkin

Colorminium are delighted to have hosted it’s 5th Business Breakfast Event at Searcys at The Gherkin. It is a great opportunity to bring together key voices from industry leading architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, main contractors and clients; giving their thoughts and views around important issues that the market is facing.

The conference was marked by the attendance of notable industry leaders:


David Walters – British Land | Gordon Balharrie – Leslie Clark | Jason Balls – EPR Architects | Keith Davies – Buro Four | Kevin Newton – Gardiner & Theobald | Matthew Schaaf – Blackburn & Co | Neil Dobbs – Multiplex | Saverio Pasetto – Skanska | Stephen Field – Arcadis |


With a well-balanced forum for discussion, it led to some insightful views being shared and some interesting challenges being raised with the current construction model, which provoked a healthy debate from all sides of the table.

Here are some of the key points raised during the meeting.


Early Engagement

A key and reoccurring theme throughout the meeting, was the heightened importance on Early Engagement with emphasis on assembling the right team at the right time.

Early Engagement is one way to ensure buildability is identified at an early stage when timeframes and cost plans are being created. It is important to get this right in those early stages, to avoid revisiting the process at a later stage which costs the industry so much in time.

Keith Davies of Buro Four went on to say: “We need to consider at an early stage the buildability and programme effects that design which is being put forward can have. If it takes an additional six months to deliver the project that equates to a great deal of additional money.”

Jason Balls of EPR Architects believes that “to ensure correct planning is granted and the product design and quality is best achieved then early engagement with emphasis specifically on getting the right people around the table at the right time” is the way to go. “Early design sessions are useful to get into the details as quickly as possible and use as many tricks with standardization and components to make it feel like a bespoke, site specific piece of context driven architecture but without reinventing the wheel.”

Saverio Pasetto of Skanska added; ”a façade is complex as a discipline, and in terms of articulating a structure where you can manage it effectively, you need to put in the right time, the right resources, and engage early with the design team. It is important to be open and have clear understanding of what they are telling you, and create a collaborative environment with the design team, client, main contractor and specialist façade contractor”.



Kieran Mallinson, Pre-Construction Director of Colorminium stated; “There can sometimes be an objection from clients and consultants by engaging early that they are losing a competitive edge, coupled with concerns around cost. It is a high trust arena; you have to trust the advice you are given is valid and of value.”

However, it was felt around the table that these concerns were starting to go away. Keith Davis of Buro Four added; “We are now working with the industry and the specialist skills a lot earlier, that to me demonstrates that the concern about losing that competitive edge is starting to go away.”

Reuben Price, Construction Director of Colorminium described a recent situation where the client approached Colorminium directly to engage with the architect and a specialist supplier to work jointly through Stage 2 and 3 of the project. The specification was written in collaboration between all three parties. Workshops were carried out with the architect, so when they reached Stage 3 there was an aligned position of specification, drawings, and ultimately the cost plan was in line at the end of Stage 4. Reuben commented; ‘We all had a clear responsibility and a high level of trust flowed throughout the whole operation.’


Responsibility / Collaboration

Following the enormity of what happened the night of the Grenfell Tower fire, the general public in this country have such a low opinion of the way things are built, construction and development sectors need to create a culture of trustworthiness and humanity. We have a responsibility and a duty of care to the industry to give people confidence again, and technically we won’t allow things to reoccur. Stephen Field of Arcadis noted; “It’s a real challenge, the only way you can do this is with a collaborative approach, so people can see you have got a core team of people that are taking their own responsibilities seriously and also the clients, whether councils, or institutions”.



There’s a real learning process that still in 2020 and beyond needs to be tackled in this industry, upskilling and education are critical for the future of the industry.

It was voiced that some young engineers that are advising senior clients in some organisations have gaps in their knowledge and experience; and it was noted there is a lot of work that should be done, that we would all benefit from. Saverio Pasetto, of Skanska commented; “Some of the best Façade Consultants are people who started on the tools; they have drawing experience, have measured and installed. We need to ensure that these skills are not lost and be proactive to this challenge”.


Focus on value in addition to cost

David Walters of British Land concluded the discussion; “We have talked a lot about cost, but we haven’t spoken much about value, the concept of value and the role the façade plays in that. We need to get much smarter about how we measure the benefits of what we are doing and demonstrate those to our occupiers and end users. There is a growing piece that is emerging around façades, in terms of sustainability and carbon intensity, which is becoming a much bigger issue that we are starting to talk to our partners about”.


Comments from around the table

Matthew Schaaf, Blackburn & Co‘Thanks for the invite to the talk yesterday, it was very interesting to see the variety of opinions.’

David Walters, British Land‘Many thanks for inviting me along to the roundtable – engaging conversation with an interesting group of (clearly likeminded) individuals.  And amazing venue!’

Gordon Balharrie, Leslie Clark – ‘A great morning in a superb location with a great mix of clients and consultants.’

Saverio Pasetto, Skanska‘Thanks for having me yesterday, a well-managed and pleasant event.’


Comments from previous events

John Williams, M3 Consulting‘I thought it was a very illuminating meeting and I totally agree that collaboration and working together is indeed the way forward as a successful formula.’

David Lawrence, Flanagan Lawrence‘I thoroughly enjoyed the morning – the message is clear. Wouldn’t it be fun to work on a “model” project together!’

Julian Kent, Buro Four‘Thank you for an enjoyable and enlightening debate this morning.’

The Hoxton, Southwark

Recently completed for Main Contractor Kier, and working alongside award winning Architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandlands, Colorminium had detailed involvement in the development and assessment of various design options to assist in bringing this stunning project to fruition.


The Hoxton in Southwark is a striking new mixed-use hotel and office development. Due to the significant logistical challenges of a central London site, and the desire for a reduced programme period, off-site construction was used to create the façade of this stunning building.

The structure of the building was specifically designed to accommodate brick-faced precast concrete façade panels. With around 600 panels, weighing up to seven tonnes each. These were hung directly onto the frame, and were pre-installed with factory-fitted glazing.

At ground level bespoke glazing systems give a shop-front appearance which will open up the retail space to the public. A mixture of sliding systems, automated doors and architectural metalwork are a fitting design to the pre-cast areas above.

At the top levels, a unitised system has been installed with integral sliding doors and a plant screen clad in zinc.

A closely co-ordinated design process with the panel manufacturer enabled us to close the building up quickly giving an instant watertight façade for the fit-out to commence.


This video clearly demonstrates why such an approach is of huge value to all parties concerned;

  • Architect – maintains the highest level of design integrity (Endorsed by Lifschutz Davidson Sandlands)
  • Quantity Surveyor – enables production to remain in budget without compromising design or quality.
  • Project Manager / Main Contractor – enables consistency, precision and quality of manufacture whilst keeping to schedule and budget (Endorsed by Kier)

Please get in touch should you have any questions or need any assistance with an upcoming project.

2019 Strategy Event

It is amazing to see how far we have come since our All Staff Event in January. In reflection Monday 7th January bought with it an excellent Kick Off Strategic Event, held at The Queen Olympic Park, London Stadium.
We were joined by The Speaker with the Orange Tie, Steve Beckles-Ebusua for a fun filled, engaging and interactive keynote session.
It is evident that the team are still raring to move forward with tenacity and verve in the coming year.

2018 Summary

2018 feels already like a distant memory. As we cast our minds back to when we spoke to a number of employees from across the organisation to hear them describe the year in their own words.

Listen to our people talking about the challenges we faced, the opportunities we have and how the company is made up of great people, all living by the same set of values, sharing a common purpose, objective and goals.

Royal Holloway, University of London

With the completion of the new Emily Wilding Davison Library building at the Royal Holloway University London a now distant past, it seemed an appropriate time to cast our minds back to the success of this landmark project.

Take some time to watch and listen to Paul Layzell – the Principal of the University, as he shares his views on the project and how selecting the right partners to build the project was essential to its success. The video also showcases the views of two students, who having seen the building develop from a vision to a reality, share how it has helped the university become more attractive to potential students. Finally, our Technical Director, Reuben Price, tells us about the expertise Colorminium were able to bring to the University to produce the stunning outcome it has.

Great video to watch and ensure you stay tuned in as more are released over the next few months.

Colorminium Overview of 2017

With January already come and gone, 2017 feels like a distant memory. We thought we would speak to a number of employees from across the organisation to hear them describe 2017.

Take some time out to listen to a number of our staff from across the business describe 2017 in just one word – it is certainly very enlightening (and humorous!). Listen to our people talking about the challenges we faced, the opportunities we have and how the company is made up of great people, all sharing a common purpose, objective and goals.

We believe our people are our greatest asset and this is why we take the opportunity to let our staff tell you – What Makes Colorminium Exceptional? (In Our Words).

Make sure you follow us to stay tuned to other videos and insightful posts we will be releasing over the coming days and weeks.

Annual End-of-Year Event

Friday 15th December bought with it an excellent, Annual End of Year Staff event, held at the Sea Containers building with a stunning view of the river and the City. This was a landmark event to celebrate a year of progress. Not only did we have an excellent speech from the influential Hamish Taylor, but the atmosphere was enthusing and motivating. It was evident that the team are raring to move forward with tenacity and verve in the coming year.

Many congratulations to Stephen Sharp on receiving the Employee of the Year. Thoroughly deserved.

Below is what a few had to say about it:

‘Huge thanks to the Management team for an excellent team-building day – these events always work to draw office and site staff together more!’ Cheryl Price

‘It was very good bringing everyone together to celebrate a successful year and showing we are all one team striving for the same result – excellence.James Wild

‘An excellent day to celebrate another successful year for Colorminium. We were given a great presentation of Colorminium’s life story by our founder Mr. Ian Price, showing how we have always and will continue to deliver unique facades and engineer the exceptional.Chetwyn Fleck

The Curve by Colorminium

Recently completed for Slough Borough Council, The Curve is a landmark building that has already proved its popularity with locals.

Procured and delivered via Slough’s Urban Renewal team, the project houses a new library, meeting rooms, café, theatre and gardens, creating a fantastic new focus for community activity.

The footfall alone shows just how well this building has been received with the figure at 38,000, almost double the number of visitors to the previous library, and likely to rise over the summer months.

The Curve, designed by BBLUR architects with CZWG, has already been recognised by a number of awards including a Thames Valley Property Award and an LABC Award.

The dynamic façade combines brise soleil curtain walling and striking bespoke curved glazing in a dynamic exterior which embodies a sense of civic pride.

Colorminium was responsible for delivering the full building envelope, a complex task that was tackled by a skilled and experienced team of designers ad project managers.

Kieran Mallinson, Business Development Director of Colorminium, discusses the project with Slough Councillor Sohail Munawar, and Andy Howell from Slough Urban Renewal.

Landing 42

The Management Team aimed to capture a portion of our inspiring event at the end of last year to show our strategy for 2017. Watch here!

Colorminium presents Alphabeta

Colorminium’s involvement in London’s award winning office scheme, Alphabeta, was to design and deliver the central atrium space.  Setting the building apart through the clever design which brings together the City office worker and Shoreditch entrepreneur, this brief documentary sets out how Colorminium delivered alongside the client team.

Working closely with Resolution Properties, Studio RHE and Galliford Try our brief was to take a conceptual design through to completion, making the vision a reality.  Using a pallette of bespoke materials from bonded glass to charred Larch timber cladding, no two areas of the atrium are the same resulting in a stunning architectural achievement.