Business Breakfast Debate Summary – Smarter thinking around the future of façades

In the midst of a plethora of challenges from designs that are pushing the boundaries, to unrealistic cost plans coupled with industry challenges such as Grenfell, it is no mean feat to successfully deliver great facades in today’s market. Getting all the stakeholders together, tabling the issues and seeking alignment is a first step in moving forward on this journey.


Bill Soper – Principal Director, TP Bennett | Adrian Barnes – Preconstruction Director, McLaren | Colin Taylor – Associate Director, FMDC | Andrew Howland – Director, Colliers | Neil Murphy – Partner, MFS | Ross Price – Managing Director, Colorminium | Kieran Mallinson – Preconstruction Director, Colorminium | Gareth Baker – Commercial Director, Colorminium | Ronnie Myatt – Business Development Manager, Colorminium

Following the success of the business breakfast debates we held last year, we recently held the first event in a new annual series aimed at taking this to the next level. A number of reoccurring themes came out of previous sessions, which we’re bringing forward as the discussion points as we continue this exciting journey titled “Smarter thinking around the future of façades”.

Project Awarded: P5K

We are very glad to have recently been awarded and now completed contract for Knight Dragon, Peninsula 5 Kilometre Running Track. (‘P5K’) The Peninsula is undergoing the largest single regeneration we have seen for a generation.

With only 6 weeks onsite, the project is now complete with all stakeholders Knight dragon, London Underground, Mace, Aecom, and Neiheiser Argyros, delighted at the finished product.

Project Awarded: Benenden School

We are very glad to have been recently awarded the contract for the Benenden School scheme. Located in the Kentish countryside, Benenden is a leading boarding school for girls aspiring for excellence in everything they do. A new 750 seat concert hall and a music hall are being added to the distinctive legacy that already exists, catering for the expanding needs of the community there.

We look forward to progressing this scheme with Benenden School, Guy Holloway Architects and Buxton Building Contractors.

Colorminium Interview Alistair Finn – Senior Project Manager

Background – How long have you been at Capco and what was your previous track record?

I qualified (RICS) whilst working for Montagu Evans, prior to spending 12 years at King Sturge, which was a larger multi-disciplinary consultancy, best known for their investment and agency work. I was with them from 1999 – 2011 prior to the business merging with Jones Lang LaSalle, another big multi-disciplinary consultancy. That wasn’t for me so ended up working for a smaller practice before setting up on my own, offering Development and Project Management services. At the time there was a project I was working on close to my heart down in Woking, which was the new HQ building for WWF. I had helped them find the site and saw it through to completion and handover. In the meantime, one of my other clients was Capco where I was helping out in the early stages of the Lillie Square project. After 12 months I ended up joining full time in 2012, taking on the responsibility for the design and delivery aspects of the project. And I’m still here!

Welcome Monika Krzyzanowska – Junior Design Manager

We are pleased to announce we have another addition to the Design team here at Colorminium. Welcome Monika Krzyzanowska who will be joining as a Junior Design Manager. “My passion has been always in architecture & design. Following it, I chose to study Architecture & Urbanism at Polytechnic University, where I got my Masters Degree. […]

Colorminium Consolidation Centre

The process of managing the flow of material from our many suppliers to allow timely delivery to our sites is managed within our Consolidation centre. We use the centre to check the quality and quantity of goods received, and often to re-batch to suit changes in site programmes and site conditions.

This facility has been an excellent investment and has been crucial in streamlining the process of site supply.

Having the majority of our products passing through the centre, from the supply chain to the sites, is an excellent advantage.

Colorminium visit glazing summit

Great to have members from Colorminium visit the Glazing Summit in Vienna last week as we continue to keep Colorminium at the forefront of the industry in regards of glass technology.

With several notable attendees, there were some excellent speeches ranging from the long term future in glass technology, to collaborative computation in glass design.

Excellent event to attend once again and we look forward to seeing more of this next year.

Bart’s Square Site Update

Latest photos from our Bart’s Square Project show great progress onsite with the overall facade now taking shape.

We are looking forward to commencing the Kalzip curved roofing on Block H within the next few weeks.

Colorminium visit Glasstec 2018

Colorminium keeping up to date with technological advances, our supply chain partners and networking at Glasstec 2018. Some real innovation witnessed, it’s exciting to see a more ‘out of the box’ approaches to glass engineering and production in the market.

Bespoke O2 Glazing

DID YOU KNOW that we were commissioned by ISG to undertake the bespoke glazed staircase and lift enclosures for Up at the O2 back in 2012.

Consisting of bespoke glazed towers and media screens, our designers worked with bblur Architecture to develop a design that realised their architectural intent and helped deliver a visual spectacle that both complemented the existing architecture of the dome and stood as a distinct attraction over and above it.

All-staff Q4 Strategy Session

Was great to bring the team together for an all-staff meeting yesterday as we launch into the final three months of the year.

Beginning the day with rewarding all our employees with Bacon Rolls helped to set the new quarter off with a great start. Always an excellent opportunity to connect the office staff with the site staff.

Zak World of Facades

Was great to have some of the team present at Zak World of Facades.

Some very interesting discussions and talks from all the speakers focusing on a variety of topics from; new material entrants to the market, digitalisation and the advances of BIM, the continual development in the glass industry, the confusion post-Grenfell and approaches being taken to the changing dynamics of facade materials, debating the threats and opportunities that the facade industry is faced with, and the importance and essentiality of more collaboration and engagement with the facade contractors and benefits of PCSA’s.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Today the Colorminium Team got together in support of Macmillan Cancer Support to take part in the ‘Worlds biggest coffee morning.’

With many different shapes and sizes of cakes, our team really put their all into this in view of supporting this worthy cause.

Many thanks to everyone for joining in and supporting this worthwhile cause – every penny goes to help those fighting cancer.

GGR Open Day

Great to have some of our operations team at the GGR Group open-day last week.

Presenting the full range of specialist lifting equipment they offer as well as giving access to those that attended to get behind the controls and have some fun using their UNIC Cranes Europe – it was an enjoyable day.

Engaging with our supply-chain partners and maintaining quality relationships is key to the successful delivery of all our projects.


Was great to show our support today for jeansforgenesday. It is estimated that one in 25 children is affected by a genetic disorder. 30,000 babies and children are newly diagnosed in the UK each year.

Bag it beat it – British Heart Foundation

Following the success during the ‘Bag it, Beat it’ campaign for British Heart Foundation last year, we took the time to contribute once again to this worthy cause.

The results last year were outstanding and we are looking to contribute to go over and above that and help those in need.

Thanks to all those who have participated and we look forward to seeing the results.

Congratulations to Danielle Nash – Fully accredited IOSH Member

Congratulations to Danielle Nash for passing the IOSH course to be a fully accredited IOSH member. Great to have staff that have the ability to manage safety.

Once again, with our staff at the forefront of our business, we provide them with all the necessary training for them to excel their careers and continue to move the business forward to Engineer the Exceptional.

Welcome Tamzin Gilder – Operations Executive Assistant

Great to have another addition to the team here at Colorminium. Welcome Tamzin Gilder to the team as an Executive Assistant to the Operations Department.

We are sure she will be a great asset to the team and help in streamlining the customer experience.

In her words:

Business Breakfast 2

A great collaborative discussion held this morning at Searcys, The Gherkin. Again another successful event centred on the topic of “What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Façade Contractors to survive?”.

We were favoured to have a representation and voice from across all aspects of the industry – those that joined us in the discussion were;

Welcome Rory Harris – Project Manager

We are very pleased to welcome a new staff member to the company. Rory Harris joins us as a highly qualified and experienced project manager. Rory will be joining the project team for the delivery of our prestigious new hotel scheme in Aldgate.

Bringing a wealth of experience in pre-construction and construction phases of the facade industry, we look forward to the value he brings and being a key member of the project delivery team.

Colorminium history/progression

The year is 1976 and Colorminium has just entered the glazing market for the first time. The late founder Derek Price and his sons, Ian and James Price were a good team. Knocking on doors and securing orders for new windows and doors and returning to their garage to fabricate the goods and within a few days, the new windows and doors would be fitted onsite.

Derek’s motto of “Perfection is barely good enough” ran true on everything they did and set the foundation of the values that make Colorminium who they are today.
With the same family members now overseeing the running of the company, the vision and inspiration gained from the early 70’s is what sets Colorminium apart today.

Off-site construction development

With the Government favouring offsite manufacturing on all publicly funded construction project from 2019, Colorminium are at the forefront of this industry change and direction.

With Wedge House Hotel well underway with completed panels being installed on a daily basis, we have the next project already lined up to adopt the same offsite process. Working closely with our Precast Manufacturer, we are shortly to be commencing the installation of the glazed elements into precast panels for the next phase at Bartholomew Square, London.

Colorminium All-staff BBQ

On Friday afternoon the Colorminium Team enjoyed a few hours away from the whirlwind to develop the teamwork culture and reward the teams hard work so far this year.

A BBQ served by the Directors with plenty of drinks to go round was a well received reward and appreciated by all – especially considering the weather conditions! Even an Ice Cream (bike) was provided later in the afternoon for all to enjoy, which after a few great games of English Croquet, Football and Jenga – was very refreshing.

Movement and Tolerance?

Tolerances are everywhere in manufacturing and construction and rightly so. Without them it simply wouldn’t be possible to mass produce the things we take for granted on anything like the scale we do or at the price we expect to pay.

The Introduction to CWCT Technical Note 21 states:

Lack of understanding of building tolerances is a major source of conflict on site. It increases construction costs and can lead to poor quality buildings or even failures if corrective measures are ill-conceived.