Movement and Tolerance?

Tolerances are everywhere in manufacturing and construction and rightly so. Without them it simply wouldn’t be possible to mass produce the things we take for granted on anything like the scale we do or at the price we expect to pay.

The Introduction to CWCT Technical Note 21 states:

Lack of understanding of building tolerances is a major source of conflict on site. It increases construction costs and can lead to poor quality buildings or even failures if corrective measures are ill-conceived.

50 Eastbourne Terrace – Project Update

Excellent to see the first panels being installed onsite at 50 Eastbourne Terrace.

With the unitised panel assembly almost complete, the team have also been assembling stickwork spandrels offsite for a programme betterment.

Principles of Acoustics

The subject of acoustics, often perceived as somewhat of a dark art, is something that needs to be considered on almost every project in the façade industry. Whilst this is an extensive and detailed topic we have set out below a few basic principles.

Sound is measured in decibels (dB) on a logarithmic scale, which means that a sound of 50 dB is 100 times louder than a sound of 40 dB. The Human ear has a large audible range and at the threshold of pain, the dB is roughly 1 million times greater than at the threshold of hearing.

The main consideration when reading specifications and test results is that a sound difference of 3 dB or less is barely audible to the human ear, whereas a sound difference of 5 dB is clearly audible. It is easy to look at minor differences between specification and test results and whilst numerically they may not be aligned, in practice the difference is so small that it will not materially affect the end installation. This is where a pragmatic interpretation of test results is required rather than a theoretical or literal comparison. Due to this, if you are doing acoustic testing, it is worth considering taking the average result over a range of tests if you get a minor failure as subsequent tests with all the same inputs and the same test rig, can give different results.

50 Eastbourne Terrace – Project Update

Fantastic news!

Yesterday marked a significant milestone where the 50 Eastbourne Terrace project team successfully passed the Performance Test the first attempt. The Unitised System underwent the full CWCT Sequence B test.

Kensington High Street – Project Update

Great to start onsite on our Kensington High Street project for ISG.

With the design of the façade now complete, and procurement almost complete, it is excellent to see the building start to come to life with the frame progressing, which will be closely followed by the façade.

Berners Street Mock-up

Excellent to have been working alongside the consultant team to produce a mock-up giving them a real-life picture of the intricate facade.

Caritas Anchor House – CRASH

It has been a privilege to help out the wider community during these difficult times, especially those in severe need.

In working with main contractor Volker Fitzpatrick, we have helped improve a local facility in Canning Town, Caritas Anchor House for CRASH by replacing some of their windows as a charitable donation.

Practical completion at 100 Liverpool Street achieved

Great milestone achieved as British Land awarded Sir Robert McAlpine Practical Completion of section 4 of 100 Liverpool Street which includes main office receptions, cores, and everything from level 3 and above.

Great to have contributed and testament to a lot of hard work and effort on behalf of all involved – British Land, Sir Robert McAlpine, Hopkins Architects & M3 Consulting.

Rose Court milestone – Start onsite

Great milestone achieved this week at our Rose Court project with works having now commenced onsite.

Having worked closely with BDG Architects, Colliers International and Eckersley O’Callaghan since 2018 and having been involved and engaged under a PCSA since early 2019, it is great to now see the hard work and effort come to fruition.

University of Winchester formally handed over

The University of Winchester’s landmark learning and teaching building at its West Downs Quarter has been formally handed over to the University by main contractor Osborne, just over two years after the groundbreaking ceremony in January 2018.

Our Operations Director’s view on Process

An excellent article written by our Operations Director Reuben Price on the liberation of a well thought through process! Whether it’s pre-construction, design or operational delivery, the rigour and discipline of following a process is fundamental to a successful delivery.

Business as usual, or business as unusual

Nobody signed up for this. On New Year’s Eve, no one held up a glass and sang “Auld Lang Syne,” accompanied by resolutions around pay cuts, furloughs, airplanes without passengers, and hotels without guests…
But these are the times we find ourselves in. It’s natural to reminisce about history, even if that’s five months ago, but we can’t stay there. The world has changed.

New Project Secured – 50 Eastbourne Terrace

We have secured another excellent project for a great client team. Working with YardNine, Avison Young │UK, Gardiner & Theobald LLP and Sheppard Robson under a PCSA has now seen us successfully novated to the appointed main contractor McLaren Construction Group.

Visual Mock-up Constructed

Great to see photos of one of our project VMU’s ready for physical & virtual inspection by the client team today. With some of the client team able to travel to our facility in Essex to inspect and some not, Colorminium have now put in place high-resolution remote viewing procedures so as to allow an inspection experience that is as good as being present in person!

Are we nearly there yet?

Just cast your mind back to your childhood days, going on a car journey any longer than 30 minutes was a big deal. The adrenalin of going on such a long journey definitely warranted the need to fully prepare. Stocking up with books, travel games, packets of sweets or anything else to occupy the mind, would all ease the pain of the gruelling journey. What we probably don’t recall is the extremely infuriating question we would relentlessly pummel our parents with – “Are we nearly there yet?”

Minories Hotel – Project Update

Cladding works are nearing completion at the first Canopy Hotel by Hilton in the UK – at this fantastic site in Aldgate, London. Colorminium have been able to continue working safely at this project thanks to measures we have put in place and the unusual amount of space available to us in comparison to most other London construction sites.

Wadham College – Project Update

Nestled in amongst the beautiful and historic Architecture of Oxford is the new John Wilkin Building. This building is the latest addition to the Oxford University’s masterplan creating an exciting new space for their students to live and network in.