Listen to how the University of Winchester made their mark

A truly exceptional development – a long time in the making that required a determined and courageous team to try something different. The West Downs Campus for the University of Winchester is truly a product of exceptional engineering at its heart.  Colorminium were privileged to work alongside some very visionary stakeholders who were keen to […]

Colorminium Interview Alistair Finn – Senior Project Manager

Background – How long have you been at Capco and what was your previous track record?

I qualified (RICS) whilst working for Montagu Evans, prior to spending 12 years at King Sturge, which was a larger multi-disciplinary consultancy, best known for their investment and agency work. I was with them from 1999 – 2011 prior to the business merging with Jones Lang LaSalle, another big multi-disciplinary consultancy. That wasn’t for me so ended up working for a smaller practice before setting up on my own, offering Development and Project Management services. At the time there was a project I was working on close to my heart down in Woking, which was the new HQ building for WWF. I had helped them find the site and saw it through to completion and handover. In the meantime, one of my other clients was Capco where I was helping out in the early stages of the Lillie Square project. After 12 months I ended up joining full time in 2012, taking on the responsibility for the design and delivery aspects of the project. And I’m still here!

Colorminium Interview John Robeson – Group Head of Supply Chain

Tell us about yourself and a headline overview of Osborne?

I’ve been with Osborne for 4 years now, firstly in the role of Supply Chain Director to our construction business before moving to my current, central role as Group Head of Supply Chain. Prior to joining Osborne, I spent a year working on Balfour Beatty CSUK’s supply chain development programme. I have also worked as a consultant with a number of construction businesses, developing their supply chains and also on building business development strategies with a number of sub-contractors. Those relationships were born out of the work I did with them, during my 7 years with Wates from 2004 – 2011.

Interesting insights from the Commercial Director…

Gareth has worked as Colorminium Commercial Director for 2 years, prior to this he was Deputy Regional Commercial Manager at Sir Robert McAlpine and spent 12 years as a Cost Consultant at AYH/Arcadis. He brings an enormous wealth of experience in to the leadership team, with his extensive industry knowledge. Holding a Bsc in Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying from Loughborough University, he comes from a background of cost consultancy and Main Contracting. Commencing his career at Arcadis UK and working through to Director level, his notable responsibilities included the delivery of the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal Football Club and the Olympic Stadium for the London 2012 Olympics.

Colorminium interview Vincent Smith from AGC Interpane Glass Suppliers

How long have you been in the industry, what’s the size of the market and where do Interpane see themselves in relation to it?

I’ve been in glass for 28 years now and started my career with Pilkington before moving onto Hansen Glass and now with AGC Interpane where I’ve been for 8.5 years. I’m the UK & Ireland Sales Manager for AGC Interpane in Lauenförde and Plattling, a global business focussing on worldwide commercial projects. As to the size of the commercial market, I can’t put a finger on it – it’s huge and we have a good portion of it.

Colorminium Interview with Lars Anders from Priedemann Facade Experts

We sat down with Lars Anders, Managing Director of Priedemann to understand his approach to the market and his view of the industry.

How long have you been in the industry and what are some of your stand out projects?

To be honest, I´ve been in the facade industry for nearly my whole lifetime. My father had a locksmith’s shop in Berlin, which I took over and grew up to 55 employees. We had a lot of big projects in the newly reunified Berlin, the whole country was in a gold rush mood. But some clients decided for against paying, or paying later and less, that was fatal for many smaller and owner led businesses. So I turned from manufacturing to consulting and engineering.

Financial Controller shares interesting insights

To learn and establish exactly what the differences between the Construction Industry and other industries are, we sat down with David Raffaelli (Financial Controller).

Having been in the construction Industry for 6 months now, since you started here, what would you say is the biggest difference between the way the oil industry works (where you previously worked) and the way the construction industry operates?

I would say the biggest difference is the offering of the product. This may seem an obvious answer, but in the oil industry, you only really sell one thing, which is oil products (petrol, diesel etc), and there is nothing you can do with that product to really differentiate yourself from your competitor, so price is generally always the number one factor, followed a long way back by service and relationships
In the construction industry, and particularly with what Colorminium are offering, there are several ways you can differentiate your product to gain an advantage on your competitors, and it isn’t necessarily price driven. Certainly, value for money is a key decision factor in any industry, but working with your customer to bring their designs to life, and understanding their needs can be far more valuable to them than a pure bottom line decision.

Market trends

To find out more about the direction the market is heading, we sat down with Ronnie Myatt (Business Development Manager).

How is the industry changing in terms of the style of buildings being built and does this suit us?

The architecture of today is an ever-changing and evolving piece. There is a continual drive by architects and clients to create buildings that are more sustainable and more efficient. Where we see the effect of this, is that there is far more focus placed upon BREEAM and increased thermal efficiencies needing to be achieved across the façade.

Our partnership with Alban Safety

To find out the value of our partnership with Alban Safety, we interview Lloyd Roberts (Managing Director at Alban Safety).

How is the new Colorminium & Alban Safety partnership enhancing or achieving a sustainable behavioural safety culture?

A positive H&S culture can be achieved through the efforts of Colorminium and its management team building good relations with its subcontractors and interacting with the workforce to promote positive change. Alban Safety will work alongside Colorminium to help promote and achieve this goal. Alban Safety run a bespoke Behavioural Safety training programme which could be delivered to your managers at head office, this in turn would give them insight into and how to achieve a positive safety culture across all Colorminium sites.

Programme Management in Construction

To learn and establish exactly why Programme Management is so essential in Construction, we sat down with Steve Woodcock (Contracts Manager).

Why is programme management so essential?

Delivery timescales in a construction project are as important as the spec, the performance and the quality of the product. They are all contractual obligations that must be achieved, it’s not optional.

How we differentiate ourselves throughout the sales process.

To learn and establish exactly what our key characteristics are that make us different throughout the sales process, we sat down with Scott Price (Sales Manager).

What characteristics does Colorminium possess that sets us apart from other sub-contractors when we are quoting for a project?

I’ll start by saying it’s about our technical ability and our experience and diversity in providing bespoke solutions, but with a value engineered approach for our clients. This would predominantly be the way we would approach our schemes but above all it’s about our people. We have a unique set of people, they are our point of differentiation in the market and with a high proportion of our business being from repeat clients it bears this out. I would say that would be the key characteristic that we possess that brings customers to us, followed closely by our technical ability and experience.

Colorminium and Client Relationships

To learn more about our client relations, we sat down with Steve Sharp (Commercial Manager at Colorminium) to find out how we create relationships with our clients and ensure they remain happy with the project throughout completion.

How do we deliver value for clients?

Our aim is to work closely with our clients as early as possible within the tender stage. We can then work with the Client and Design Team to ensure their concept design is aligned with costs. Throughout the process we also take a very pro-active approach to value engineering, offering options to the client which may help reduce costs. With our preferred supply chain partners, we can work with the client to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality whilst keeping within time and cost restraints of the project.

Colorminium Move to Chelmsford – 2 Months On

To commemorate the move to our Chelmsford offices, we sat down with Ian Price (Founder of Colorminium) to find out if the move was the right decision and if it has had an impact during this short space of time.

Does this new office space reflect Colorminium’s core values?

I think it totally reflects our core values. To care for our staff is our top priority because we are a people business. People to people is where we win. I firmly believe that you can feel the passion flowing, it creates a pulsating environment, that is what Colorminium is. The more we look after our people, the more we bond together, the more we knit together helps to make the entity in which we work in thrive and become stronger.

Celebrating 40 Years of Colorminium

To celebrate 40 years of Colorminium, we sat down with Ross Price (Managing Director at Colorminium) to find out how Colorminium has stood the test of time and how the industry has changed.

Colorminium is 40 this year. You must be very proud of what the company has achieved?

We are very proud of our legacy. You only have to look over the London skyline to see the impressive array of projects we’ve worked on over the years, utilising different styles, materials and designs.

We’ve had 40 years of success, but we always feel we have more to learn, and more challenges to face, which will help us grow and advance as a company. We can never sit back and say, ‘we’ve made it!’, because there is always room for improvement.

We question what we do, why we exist, and we genuinely believe that through our contribution, we add value for clients with buildings that enable them to enhance their public profile or attract and retain staff.