Royal Holloway University Progress

It is now September which stands as a landmark month for the Royal Holloway London University as students and staff alike will have full access to the new Emily Wilding Davidson library.

Colorminium have been involved in the project for over 3 years, 2 of which were prior to commencement of the build. Colorminium worked with Associated Architects from stage D through to the point of executing the full façade envelope.
Josh Shimwell, project manager at Colorminium, stated “I have been involved in the project from the very early stages and I am really proud of all the work that the team has put in. The long hours have been worth it”…

Lillie Square Progress

The transformation of the Seagrave Road car park in Earls Court to the tremendous Lillie Square, encompassing over 800 luxury residential homes is almost complete with many of the blocks already occupied.

Block A has already been handed over to the client, with many of the apartments already occupied over the last few months and this continuing over the foreseeable future.

Block G is quickly reaching the point where it can be handed over to the client. The building is undergoing finishing touches to ensure the client’s vision is made a reality. The block should be finalised within the next 4 weeks.

Block A has already been handed over to the client, with many of the apartments already occupied over the last few months and this continuing over the foreseeable future.

Block G is quickly reaching the point where it can be handed over to the client. The building is undergoing finishing touches to ensure the client’s vision is made a reality. The block should be finalised within the next 4 weeks.

St Paul’s School Progress

St Paul’s School, the independent boys school, located in West London is very close to completion with the academic term beginning in a few days time.

New and returning students alike will return to the school in early September and have full use of the kitchen and dining area available to them. The dining area has a large folding, sliding door that will enable students to eat outside in the courtyard, sheltered by an overhead canape.

The new 9,000sqm teaching block will also be available to students in the coming weeks. The new block replaces some of the 1960’s existing building.

Project Awarded: Wedge House Hotel

Colorminium are delighted to announce we have been successful in securing the contract for extensive works of what will be Wedge House Hotel.

Working with main contractor Kier, and alongside Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands, we have been engaged to engineer the curtain walling with the pre-installed glazing. Detailed design of the project is currently underway in order to maximise client value, navigate around logistical challenges and create an incredible building that will be loved by clients and guests alike.

Royal Lancaster Hotel Progress

The fantastic Royal Lancaster Hotel, situated on the north side of Hyde Park, is reaching imminent completion with the glazing works approaching installation.

With handover of Royal Lancaster Hotel taking place in early September, the site is incredibly busy with plenty going on to ensure the building is spectacular.

Over the next 2 weeks the project will see plenty of action, especially regarding glazing. The spectacular rooflight will be achieved through 6 separate pieces of glass to efficiently provide fantastic sunlight onto the reception area. Guests to the hotel will walk into a fantastically lit reception area because of this.

Principal Place Pavilion Progress

Principal Place Pavilion, the mixed-use development located on the City of London/Shoreditch border, is nearing completion.

The impressive large, fully automated triple track sliding door that extends to a total length of 18 metres has been installed on site. The retail entrance doors have also reached completion as well as much of the glazing and roofing.

One of the latest additions to the building is the large, statement metal lettering for the pavilion. The lettering helps to give the project the extra touch of character and signifies the nearing completion to the overall project.

Royal Holloway University Progress

The Emily Wilding Davison building, the new Royal Holloway University library is making strides in reaching completion and officially opening.

This week saw the project have many finishing touches put in place, but most noticeably, the large glazing that overlooks the main entrance to the library.

The Curve by Colorminium

Recently completed for Slough Borough Council, The Curve is a landmark building that has already proved its popularity with locals.

Procured and delivered via Slough’s Urban Renewal team, the project houses a new library, meeting rooms, café, theatre and gardens, creating a fantastic new focus for community activity.

The footfall alone shows just how well this building has been received with the figure at 38,000, almost double the number of visitors to the previous library, and likely to rise over the summer months.

Royal Lancaster Hotel Progress

Royal Lancaster Hotel is making fantastic progress in reaching completion with the curtain wall screen installation underway.

The popular London hotel is undergoing a renovation with the ambition of becoming a 5* hotel with the new façade being the primary contributing factor in achieving that goal.

The glazing is being fitted to the curtain walling screen during installation, a process that is also underway and will result in a striking entrance to the hotel that overlooks Hyde Park.

Principal Place Pavilion Site Progress

Principal Place Pavilion is progressing well with glass enclosure installation commencing this week. The arrival and fitting of the glass signifies the next step towards completion for the City of London/Shoreditch border based project.

131 Sloane Street Shortlisted for NLA Award 2017

The New London Architecture Awards has this year shortlisted 160 projects across 15 categories, acknowledging amazing feats of architecture and development.

131 Sloane Street, the stunning retail space located near Sloane Square, has been shortlisted for an award in the retail category. 131 Sloane Street is one of four in the category and will be competing against: Bruce Grove Yard (Landolt + Brown), Deptford Market Yard (Pollard Thomas Edwards and Farrer Huxley Associates). The category is described as “exemplary new places for the exchange of goods and service”, a category where the project certainly belongs.

Colorminium Start on-site at Royal Lancaster Hotel

Yesterday marked Colorminium’s first day on site at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, the beautiful hotel located on Bayswater Road to the north of Hyde Park.

The 4-star hotel is undergoing an extensive renovation to the main entrance that will see the hotel fixed with a curved curtain walling screen.

The ambition of the project is to lift the hotel rating to 5 stars, doing so through the brilliant design of the new main entrance to showcase the fantastic building. Complete with a curved, bronze anodised canopy, the projected reception area will be truly fitting of the hotel’s status.

Grant Shimwell (project manager at Colorminium) stated: “The Royal Lancaster Hotel is a building of luxury and elegance, characteristics that we work exceptionally well with”.

“The design for the building is brilliant and will really help the hotel to stand out even further. The combination of the bronze anodised canopy and roof lights will help to give the reception a striking feel that guests will surely love”.

The Royal Lancaster Hotel will be completed in Autumn 2017.

The Curve Wins Thames Valley Property Award 2017

It has been confirmed that The Curve has won a Thames Valley Property Award in the category of ‘Development of the Year’.

The Curve made up one of four fantastic buildings to reach the finalists. The Curve was amongst other great displays of architecture in the group, competing against: Imperial Way (Reading), Longwalk Road (Stockley Park) and the Thames Valley Science Park.

The category is for projects that display an ability to create an exciting new development, which exemplifies high industry standards. This category perfectly summarises The Curve and matches the goals for the building set by the ambitious Slough Urban Renewal team.

This is the second award in the space of a week for The Curve, having won an LABC award just a few days earlier. With a building as stunning as The Curve, we are sure this will not be the last time it is recognised for awards.

The Curve Wins LABC Award

Fantastic news this week that The Curve, the community hub located in the heart of Slough, has won an LABC award.

News emerged in March that The Curve had been nominated in the ‘Best in the Public Service Building category’, a category filled with amazing feats of architecture.

The Curve is a worthy winner, not only featuring fantastic facilities for the local community, including a library, performance venue and café, but also for its visually striking and modern look.

The local community has clearly taken well to their new library, receiving an estimated 38,000 weekly footfall, double that of the old library.

The striking and modern look of The Curve is achieved through a combination of curved curtain walling and brise soleil. Colorminium worked closely with the architects to design the complex yet sleek look that The Curve so excellently achieves.

Finally, congratulations to Bblur Architecture and Morgan Sindall for the award.

Principal Place Pavilion Sliding Door

Principal Place Pavilion will be the centre piece to the plaza in front of the commercial and residential tower.

Located on the City of London/Shoreditch border, the project is making great progress towards reaching completion.

The building, utilises a mixture of glass balustrades, architectural metalwork and curtain walling that will create a striking looking building and modern image that will be right at home in the Shoreditch area.

We will be shortly installing the triple track sliding door that extends to a total length of 18 metres. The attached pictures show the final commissioning and testing process in the fabrication factory.

The door is fully automated and made up of 6 leaves, each pane measuring at 3 metres square and weighing 500kg. It was crucial to work closely with the design team where we fine-tuned the bespoke details to suit the client’s requirements.

Simon Worrod, project manager at Colorminium, stated “It is one of the largest sliding doors in the world and It will be a key feature on this prestigious Foster + Partners project”.

The project is on track to be completed later this year.

Lillie Square Site Progress

Lillie Square, the project based in central London, is approaching completion as the building enters the snagging phase. The snagging phase is deployed to identify any outstanding work and ensure all work is completed to the agreed standards and specifications.

Lillie Square is split into several blocks, in total providing over 800 flats in a central London area with fantastic transport links. The project seeks to provide London with some much-needed accommodation in a prime location.

Entering the snagging phase signifies that the the project is now weeks away from completion, with many blocks already handed over and occupied.

Steve Sharp (Commercial Manager at Colorminium) stated “The Lillie Square project is one of the largest that we have undertaken”.

“It is no secret that London has been crying out for more living space and Lillie Square provides just that, it is a fantastic project to have been a part of”.

Lillie Square will be completely handed over in the summer of 2017.

131 Sloane Street Shortlisted for RIBA London Awards 2017

News emerged this week that 131 Sloane Street has been shortlisted for a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) London 2017 Award; an award highly respected in the construction industry.

127 – 135 Sloane Street was completed in January 2016 and is used as both offices and retail space. The building utilises a mixture of architectural systems and engineering to create the modern and visually striking image that is prominent in the region between Knightsbridge and Sloane Square.

Project Manager for the building, Josh Shimwell, stated: “Sloane Street is a fantastic building and I loved every minute of working on the project”. Josh continued to state: “The extensive use of different materials, perhaps most notably bronze, really helps to make the building standout in an area thriving with great architecture”.

“It is always great to hear a project you have worked on has been recognised at such a high level, everybody involved should be very proud of what they have achieved”.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Stiff & Trevillion, and bringing their creation to life”.

Colorminium have previous experience with the Royal institute of British Architects, with both Bonhams Auction House and JW3, to name a few, collecting multiple awards.

Royal Holloway University Site Progress

Fantastic progress taking place at the new library being built at the Royal Holloway University, with only a few roof lights, windows and copper panels left to install.

Trayan Angelov (Quality Assurance Supervisor for the project) stated “The Royal Holloway library has been a project I have enjoyed being a part of from start to finish”. He continued to state, “Even though the project is not yet finished, it is truly a beautiful building and fits in perfectly with the heritage of the university”

“Once completed, the library will be incredibly popular amongst the Royal Holloway students, with plenty of study space, a café, exhibition space and rooftop access for those days when students want to study out in the sun”.

The Emily Wilding Davison building is set to open over the summer.

The Curve Nominated for LABC Award

Excellent news this past week that The Curve, the community library located in the heart of Slough, has been nominated for a prestigious architecture award.

The ‘Best Public Service Building’ category is surely one filled with amazing feats of architecture with The Curve right at home in the category as one of Slough’s flagship buildings.

The Curve is not only visually striking and eye-catching, but also a fantastic hub for learning and socialising with a café, garden area, performance hall and learning rooms.

On hearing of the nomination Kieran Mallinson (Business Development Director at Colorminium) stated: “We are both overjoyed and proud to hear that The Curve is being recognised for awards, it is a project close to our hearts and frankly one of our stand-out accomplishments”.

“The Curve is really making an impact in the community and surely only the beginning for the ambitious Slough Borough Council”.

The shortlisted buildings will be announced May 5th.

Fulham Palace Road Installation Progress

Very good progress this week at Fulham Palace Road as the structural steel stickwork in the main entrance area has now been installed, ready for the glazing to commence next week.

Second fix bracket rails are now being fixed to the stair cores, in view of the decorative panels commencing installation within the next month, with metsec to the top of the North stair cores nearly complete.

Cladding brackets on the roof plant room have now commenced with the balustrade to the ends of the terraces currently being installed.

Royal Holloway University Site Progress

Following completion of the composite insulated backing structure to the lower ground floor on the eastern block, we have now completed installation of the ceramic granite cladding panels.

Installation of Copper to the central block to commence this week to the western elevation and perimeter cladding to the incline screen.

Progress on all fronts of the eastern block east elevation 2nd floor terrace, as the terracotta baguettes are due for completion this week.

St Paul’s School Site Progress

The team are making rapid progress at St Paul’s School as the glazing onsite is being installed into the pre-cast façade and the building is now starting to close up. Installation of the structure for high level canopy has now commenced in preparation for cladding panels and glazing. Pop up roof lights are nearing completion with the stickwork and glass now installed.

The carefully designed building is due for completion later this year and will be a fitting level of quality to what is a campus renowned for quality and excellence.

Earl’s Court Lillie Square, Phase 1 nearing completion

Striking new images of Capco’s regeneration ‘Masterplan’ for Earl’s Court Phase 1, Lillie Square.

The transformation of the Seagrave Road car park to 808 high-end residential homes is one of the largest and most high-profile residential developments in London.

The second block has now been handed over to the client, with the third block nearing completion. The quality of the finished product is excellent and the progress of the installation complements the fast programme that has been running on site.

New ‘Emily Wilding Davison Building’ at Royal Holloway University

The site team are making rapid progress with the newly named Emily Wilding Davison Building at Royal Holloway University.

Glazing has now been completed on the South elevation of the central block. The large 6 metre long glazed units, weighing over 800 kilos will be installed in the coming weeks including anodised and natural copper cladding surrounding the projecting façade.

We are now busy preparing the Eastern and Western elevations of the central block with insulated composite panels for the final copper perforated profiled cladding.

The inspiring and imposing Founder’s Building will soon be complemented by outstanding new facilities that add to the sense of a scholarly community, encourage collaborative, multi-disciplinary activities and provide a personalised, individual experience for its students and staff.