Bermondsey Street

London SE1
Great Portland Estates
AEM Studios
Corporate and Commercial

Project Scope

  • Steel windows and doors
  • Timber cladding
  • Fire-rated screens and lobbies
  • Shopfronts
  • Architectural metalwork

Locked between adjacent buildings, this commercial office development involved the retention and refurbishment of a retained building and 2 new build blocks surrounding an open internal courtyard.

Key Challenges

  • Trial run for the design, fabrication and installation of a new steel system to the UK
  • A number of interfaces – concrete frame, brickwork, stone and timber cladding – were led and co-ordinated
  • Extremely tight site logistics made a very challenging installation

Engaged by Mansell as the design was developing to Stage E, the architectural requirement was for a modular, slimline steel glazing system with very high u-values. This had been designed from a new steel system that was still only in trial and had never had a project delivery. Colorminium’s remit was to engage with this system supplier to bring the system to market including detailed design, fabrication and installation.

Our Approach

The building design made the façade modular and included interfacing with areas of brickwork and timber cladding which needed careful co-ordination to ensure weathering lines were maintained. Once the sequencing was finalised, detailed design proceeded which included engineering a complex glass specification that maintained the u-values and met an onerous acoustic specification.

The requirement for a steel slimline system meant an off-site fabrication process that saw the finished units brought to site and installed in individual unitised sections. The complexity of the site logistics made this extremely challenging, particularly to co-ordinate around the full boarded external scaffold required for brickwork.

Internal finishes were fair-faced concrete columns and soffits, dictating that all EPDM and weathering lines had to be designed into the cladding zone. Fire-rated glazing around lift lobbies and within the existing building were also designed from a steel system and matched the external glazing lines.

The Result

The finished building is full of character and compliments the surrounding architecture whilst maintaining a balance of what’s unique. A successful delivery by Colorminium, on what proved to be a very challenging project, was achieved and the steel system now fully integrated to the UK market.