Revisit the Alphabeta Building
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One of the most frequently viewed case studies on our website, the Alphabeta Building continues to attract attention in all it’s grandeur and would stand out in the memory of many of our team.

Completed in 2016, this project was a complex refurbishment that required collaboration and creative thinking, to deliver an impressive transformation of three individual buildings into a unified, contemporary office space.

The reimagined atrium, merging three buildings across varying levels, showcases the project’s complexity and precision. This involved taking it back to the original concepts to ensure the clients aspirations could actually be built, checking every element, signing off and re-designing where applicable.

Another one of Alphabeta’s standout features is its commitment to sustainability, catering to cyclists and promoting eco-friendly travel with a cycle ramp that goes through the atrium directly from the street into a 300 sq ft basement cycle park.

The finished result is stunning and the clients vision was successfully fulfilled, with maximised lettable floor area that transformed the dated building to contemporary, desirable office space.

Check out our case study below with more information on our approach and photos of the project.