Colorminium Move to Chelmsford – 2 Months On
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To commemorate the move to our Chelmsford offices, we sat down with Ian Price (Founder of Colorminium) to find out if the move was the right decision and if it has had an impact during this short space of time.


Does this new office space reflect Colorminium’s core values?

I think it totally reflects our core values. To care for our staff is our top priority because we are a people business. People to people is where we win. I firmly believe that you can feel the passion flowing, it creates an energetic environment, that is what Colorminium is. The more we look after our people, the more we bond together, the more we knit together helps to make the entity in which we work in thrive and become stronger.


Why did you decide this type of work environment would be suitable for Colorminium?

It provides a great collaboration area for cross fertilisation of ideas. It creates a variety of ambience in the building, we’ve got the breakout area, railway carriages, quiet rooms and various meeting rooms, which gives a completely different feel. Depending on the type of meeting you are planning, either with clients or colleagues, you can choose the type of environment that best suits the nature of the conversation you need to have.

I think we’ve won by having all the different types available to us. It’s the modern approach to working that you find in offices in the city.


During the design process, we worked closely with Envoplan to ensure the office would accommodate all our needs. Do you think they got it right?

Envoplan opened our eyes. The “habit action study” was a new experience for us but proved hugely beneficial in providing meaningful insight into the different types of working environment we would need in a new office space. Envoplan sat down with us and looked in depth at our business model and how we functioned on a day-to-day basis. They really drew out from us the type of environment we needed. It was new to us, but they are experts in their field and I am an advocate for what they have done because I think it has been world class.

We now get a lot of comments from visitors to the office who say how much they like it. Candidates for job roles have come in and said that they can feel the energy in the office and that they want to be a part of it.

Envoplan absolutely got it right.


How do you see this workspace helping Colorminium to achieve some key objectives?

An ongoing aim of ours is to recruit top talent, that is something we are really pushing for with these new premises. This new vibrant and exciting atmosphere is really the type of environment that up and coming prospects want to work in and want to be a part of.

We are all about pushing boundaries through creativity. This new creative environment helps the team to work more collaboratively and bounce ideas off one another, which is already evident in some of our current projects. This space gives us further opportunities to learn from each other, we have highly skilled and qualified staff with a wealth of knowledge, we now have a premises that allows us to teach each other far more easily.