Colorminium and Client Relationships
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To learn more about how we manage our client relations, we sat down with Steve Sharp (Commercial Manager at Colorminium) to find out how we approach relationships with our clients to ensure they remain happy throughout the project duration.


How do we deliver value for clients?

Our aim is to work closely with our Clients as early as possible within the life-cycle of the project. Often this is with the Design Team and other Consultants to bring the concept design to the table within the parameters of their cost plan. Throughout the process we also take a very pro-active approach to best value, offering options to the client which may help reduce costs but maintain the integrity of the building in terms of look and feel. With our preferred supply chain partners, we can work with them to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality whilst keeping within time and cost restraints of the project.


In your role you are tasked with creating long lasting, strong relationships with clients. How do you achieve that?

Our business is people to people. Relationships are the most important part of the jigsaw in my eyes and it’s therefore essential for us to establish a valued relationship with our clients from the outset. From here, it is very important that we maintain regular dialogue with our clients – listening to any issues they have that we may be able to help with and also sharing any issues or concerns we have.  Relationships are built on trust and this is borne out of transparency with both good and bad news! Should we come up against any challenges once the project is live, we always have a plan to overcome which we then share with our clients and make sure they are aligned with our plan. We pride ourselves on the volume of repeat work we have with our existing clients. That is the simplest way to measure whether you have successfully built long lasting strong relationships with clients.


What do we do to ensure a project is running to our high standards?

As mentioned previously, we work very closely with our Clients and Design Teams to resolve any constraints or issues that may jeopardise the high standards we wish to achieve. If we think there is potentially a better solution, we will discuss with the Design Team and help them develop alternative options which all parties will benefit from. Coordination is another key element during the process which, if not instigated early on in the design process with other trades, can have a negative impact on achieving high standards. We aim to not only coordinate with other trades as early as possible, but to become part of the ‘project family’ and in this process, reduce the likelihood of reduced standards.


If a project experiences an issue, what do we do to rectify it?

It should come as no surprise that the majority of projects do experience some issues, that’s the nature of construction. But we never go to our clients with issues, we go to them with solutions. Whether this is in the early design stages or late in the construction phase, we are always looking ahead for any obstacles that may hinder our progress. With a proactive attitude in this area, issues can usually be resolved relatively easily without causing to much of a distraction.  A mantra we run at Colorminium is, it’s not how a horse falls, it’s how it gets up.


What do you think you offer that promotes repeat custom and makes clients love working with Colorminium?

Getting involved in projects at the early stages really helps us understand our clients vision. When we are engaged in a project at this stage, we can really help drive this to make sure their vision becomes a reality in what we produce. We build relationships with the project team from day one and throughout the project. Our proactive nature and attitude alongside our experience and knowledge with our supply chain partners allows us to thrive on a project. This is what the clients love about us and is the reason we have so much repeat work from them.


Why do you believe Colorminium are better at the commercial process than others?

I like to think we do all we can to accommodate our clients needs. Regardless of whether they want to change a lock on a door or an entire elevation, we will always work through the options to ensure that the client gets what they want. From a commercial aspect, we also aim to get the final account wrapped up before we complete works on site. We try not to make this a distraction for our clients which allows them to really enjoy the completion of the project. When we complete a project and the client turns around, shakes your hand and says “thank you for all your hard work, we really couldn’t of done this without you”, that is when we know we have done a good job.