Our partnership with Alban Safety
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To establish the value of our partnership with Alban Safety, we interviewed Lloyd Roberts (Managing Director at Alban Safety).

How is the new Colorminium & Alban Safety partnership enhancing or achieving a sustainable behavioural safety culture?

A positive H&S culture can be achieved through the efforts of Colorminium and its management team building good relations with its subcontractors and interacting with the workforce to promote positive change. Alban Safety will work alongside Colorminium to help promote and achieve this goal. Alban Safety run a bespoke Behavioural Safety training programme which could be delivered to your managers at head office, this in turn would give them insight into and how to achieve a positive safety culture across all Colorminium sites.

What are the key challenges our industry is facing through health and safety as we come out of 2017 and head into 2018?

One of the key focuses for 2017 is occupational health which is not surprising as there are over 13,000 deaths every year with the biggest killers being asbestos and silica dust. We envisage well-being as the next big challenge, with mental health issues increasing every year and the construction industry being the main sector for male suicide, it is only right that we focus more on this epidemic and put measures in place to reduce stress levels from the workforce up to management. Worker engagement is also vital and Alban Safety will work hard to promote this with the Colorminium site management teams.

Here at Colorminium, we are excited about some of the initiatives coming out of the new partnership – can you give us some insights as to what we can all expect to see?

We have recently commenced H&S support days which involves a dedicated Alban Safety H&S Adviser supporting the site teams for one day per week. These support days generally entail visiting two sites in one day and the H&S Adviser would help out with documentation and advise on safe working practices. H&S training is also conducted to Colorminium teams as and when required. So far this has been well received and initial feedback from site managers has been positive. Alongside this, we’re also carrying out the regular site inspections and issuing a report to site that requires action and close out. We are also now working closer with Colorminium, the safety leadership team (SLT) and attending meetings at head office once a month. We will also conduct a bi-annual review to discuss general Safety, Health and Environment matters throughout Colorminium and what measures require implementing to achieve safety excellence throughout the business.

In the last year Colorminium have invested heavily into the improving and enhancing of our approach to SHEQ and what are your observations on this?

We have been working alongside Colorminium now for 18 months and have observed Colorminium’s commitment and passion to achieve safety excellence and to promote a positive change. Alban Safety will endeavour to work alongside Colorminium in helping them to achieve the goals and ensure statutory compliance.

What are the key positives from working with the team here at Colorminium?

The key positives for us working with Colorminium is passion and commitment from your top level management, good attitudes towards H&S matters and integrity. This approach helps us immensely as we know that matters are taken seriously at Colorminium and that safety is driven from the top down. This positive attitude then cascades through levels of management and in turn to the workforce. All of this helps to promote a positive culture and safer sites.