Perspectives from our CEO: The Roger Bannister Approach
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You’ve likely heard about Roger Bannister, and while some may argue that his record has been surpassed by many, why does his name still live on? 

Few moments have captured the world’s imagination like Roger Bannister’s historic sub-four-minute mile on May 6, 1954. It wasn’t just about speed; it shattered the belief that running a mile in under four minutes was humanly impossible. The prevailing thought was that the human body couldn’t endure such a feat. 

I hadn’t delved into his story much before, but recently someone pointed out that he studied the method and medically proved the apparent ‘medically impossible’ was, in fact, possible. This myth mirrors the mental barriers where certain goals may seem out of reach due to perceived limitations. Despite setbacks, injuries, and doubters, Bannister persisted in his pursuit of the elusive goal. His story encourages Colorminium to embrace unconventional ideas, explore new approaches, and constantly evolve to thrive in the ever-changing landscape. 

Reflecting on 2023, I’ve witnessed the embodiment of Roger Bannister’s methodology in my team’s work. We embraced new projects with innovative methods, proving their success. With over 50 years of knowledge and experience, doubt was never in the equation. We focused on the small details, crucial to the bigger picture, building relationships with an eye on the long term.  

As we stride into 2024, I think of how Roger Bannister’s approach and strategy to win is still so appropriate today. Applying method and challenging the ‘4-minute’ mindset, we’re exploring fresh ideas and constantly challenging the status quo. In a world marked by strife and conflict, we each need to embrace the opportunities around us and adopt a positive mindset. 

Our attitude plays a pivotal role and impacts those around us. Whether it be teammates, customers, or family, maintaining a smile on our dial and being the sunshine in every situation is ingrained in our DNA and culture. Every touchpoint becomes an opportunity to spread happiness and make a positive mark on the world. 

We’re ready for the next year, and whatever it brings us, and look forward to continuing our journey, bringing positive changes to the industry and embracing the challenges and successes that lie ahead. 

Roscoe Price | CEO