Business Breakfast Event
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An excellent industry focused session enjoyed this morning centred on the topic of “What is it about the UK Construction Model that makes it difficult for Façade Contractors to survive?”.

We were privileged to have a representation and voice from across all aspects of the industry – those that joined us in the discussion were;

Harry Badham (Development Director- AXA-IM), Damian Rogan (Head of Facade Engineering – Eckersley O’Callaghan), Steve Mudie (Partner – Alinea Consulting), Wayne McKiernan (Partner – PLP Architecture), Eamonn Wall (Divisional Director – ISG), Tom Bishop (Project Manager – Future 54) and Paul Spiller (Regional Commercial Director – Sir Robert McAlpine).

With a well-balanced forum for discussion, it led to some very insightful views being shared. Much was discussed covering procurement routes, the urgent need for more collaboration during the early stages of a project, and touching on how we can attract younger talent to the industry.

We will be sharing more insights from our discussions in due course so keep in touch to hear more.