Celebrating International Accounting Day!
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To celebrate International Accounting Day, and the great work our team do here at Colorminium, we focused our spotlight on our Financial Controller, David Raffaelli FCCA, who shared a few thoughts with us!
When did you join Colorminium? 
October 2017 – it’s been a happy 5 years
What do you like most about your job?
I like the fact that it’s a large company, but still has that family business feel and I particularly enjoy the interactions I have across all departments with different members of the team.
Why is Accounting important?
I’d say, why isn’t it important?! It lets the business know how it’s doing, where we’re heading in terms of the numbers and the data feeds our leadership team and helps them make right decisions for the future. I like the fact that as a company, we have a secure future, that inspires me.
What do you like about our company culture?
I like the fact that the leadership team are really approachable, easy to talk to, and they listen to their staff, take their staff’s ideas on board. It’s what I said before, it’s the family business feel, they care about their staff and have a feeling of responsibility towards their staff, from the owners. Ah, and I also like the fact that we do such fantastic buildings, every time I’m in London I spot a project we’ve done!
Who inspires you most at Colorminium?
The younger team members – they’re the youth of today, but they’ve changed any perception you might have about the youth, they work hard, they’re inspirational.
How did you decide to get into Accounting?
I suppose the decision to become an accountant was really driven by my internal balance sheet! It made sense to earn money at the same time as training up – it was a career path where I was able to go to work straight out of college, and eventually obtain a masters equivalent qualification, supported by my employers, fully accompanied by paid working experience, whilst avoiding student debt!