Colorminium Joins the Supply Chain Sustainability School
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The Supply Chain Sustainability School is a fantastic outlet to access thousands of resources with a focus on sustainability in the construction sector. The school gives members and partners the hub they need to ensure they are doing all they can to be as sustainable as possible.

The supply chain sustainability school is a group of over 60 major competitors and clients within the construction industry working together to tackle the environmental and social sustainability within the industry.

Funded by the UK’s top construction contractors and clients, the school assists Company’s to tackle the full range of sustainability issues; environmental, social and economic. It also drives a message that it’s important to know that sustainability is also about being profitable, achieving the ‘win-win’ for all.  As members, the school assists us to explore 10 key sustainability issues via learning resources and tools that inevitably will help us to better meet the needs and desires of our clients.

Over the coming months we will be working towards formal accreditation within the school’s certification programme and are pleased to be members of such a forward thinking and highly thought of community within our industry.

Joining the school is just the first step of many for Colorminium in becoming a leader in sustainability and remains one of the key focuses for the coming years.