Colorminium Move to Chelmsford
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As of the 27th of March, we will be working from our new offices at 23 Springfield Lyons, Chelmsford.

The move is a massive landmark for Colorminium, showing not only growth in the business but adapting to a new way of working. The new offices are designed purely around the concept of promoting creativity. This concept is enforced through ‘railway carriages’, a hot desking system and silent work rooms.

Railway carriages will allow staff to hold small, informal meetings to bounce ideas off of one another, or simply work in a different environment for a short while. The carriages are equipped with a table and comfortable seating to promote imagination and an interpersonal approach to work.

Hot desking is a system with proven results, showing higher staff engagement and an increase in positive work attitude. This system will allow staff to work amongst different personnel with different skillsets that may aid a specific stage of a project they are currently undertaking.

Silent work rooms will be a fantastic way to escape your desk for a while and really focus on essential work that needs to be done. The use of silent work rooms will ensure that staff can work privately on a project when required.

When approached on the move to the Chelmsford offices, Ian Price (Founder of Colorminium) stated “I founded the company in 1976, and to see how far we have come since then is absolutely incredible. I am thrilled for not only what we have achieved as a company, but what we have achieved as a team”.

“As we diversify as a business, so do we in the way that we work. We are a group of creatives and it is important that we promote that in the workplace”.

“2016 has been one of our most successful years yet, seeing us deliver many award-winning facades. I am confident that the coming years will only be better”.

The new headquarters for Colorminium will be at:

23 Springfield Lyons