Colorminium’s expertise in delivering stunning internal spaces.
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Our expertise in producing stunning internal spaces with atriums continues to gather momentum. With our portfolio of completed projects growing and showcasing these spectacular features, it continues to be an attractive prospect for many of our clients.

For a majority of Central London buildings with little street frontage, the route to creating opulence but retaining value is in the atrium. Not only do they bring a stunning visual aspect to a building, but they engage, empower and inspire people to do their best, most satisfying work.

Cutting-edge designed work environments within building atriums help reinforce culture and instil greater company pride and are proven to contribute to the science of creating awesome workspaces.  A key thing for businesses looking at re-modelling their space, is that an intelligently designed work environment around a central feature promotes flexibility and enables you to quickly react to changing business needs. In addition to this, a beautifully designed atrium is an extension of your brand and extends this to your clients and visitors.

An example of this is the Alpha Beta building. In the words of the client here, ‘The atrium is no longer a demonstration of wealth and power but has been replaced with a common area for the immediate discussion of ideas and possibilities in a collegiate and comfortable surrounding.’

Ultimately atriums create a healthy and more human environment but is also an energetic shared workspace that straddles the divide and creates a new home for ideas to meet money.