Could the Construction Industry become the safest in the UK?
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Could the Construction Industry become the Safest in the UK?

With over 30 fatalities last year in the Industry, Health and Safety is a moral obligation all of us have to ensure compliance with. The impact that an accident arising as a result of poor health and safety measures being in place is too devastating for consideration.

At Colorminium the Health & Safety of our employees is our No. 1 Priority and will remain of utmost importance throughout 2018.

As part of our strategy to ensure that the well-being and safety of our workers is looked after, we have a partnership with Alban Safety who visit all our sites every week. Their role is to assess the working conditions of every site and to ensure all our site managers are carrying out the necessary documentation.

This has been and is continuing to be a total success. We are thankful for their continued input and help in this as we support the construction industry in the drive towards Zero Harm across all projects in this country.

Join with us in showing your support in making Construction in this country one of the safest industries to work in. Here’s to a Safe 2018.