COVID-19 : Retaining the initiative
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In these very unusual times, it brings to mind some interesting reflections…I will never forget the time I got caught in a strong ocean current whilst snorkelling off a glass-bottomed boat in Barbados.  Being young and inexperienced, the automatic reaction was to swim harder and more vigorously in some futile attempt to overcome a greater power.  I never got anywhere.

Fortunately, a more experienced swimmer came to my rescue and showed me how to get back in control – he told me to “calm down and swim with the current not against it”.

Safely reaching the boat, I lay on deck completely exhausted.  This taught me an invaluable lesson – don’t fight the current, go with it.

I am sure we can all relate to experiences similar to this in life’s journey, but this is what this moment feels like.    With so much anxiety, negativity and pressure swirling around us, we can drown in a downward spiral.

Times are tough.  Leaders are doing all they can to protect the viability of their businesses – pulling every lever to reduce every possible cost whilst keeping their people upbeat and productive.  People are striving might and mane to achieve results over virtual platforms, whilst working in a completely different environment accompanied by families learning from home.  Never has there been a time, when having a positive mental attitude been more important.  As they say, when the going gets tough… the tough get going….

Let me share some thoughts from our little world in Colorminium…

Enjoy the challenge and retain the initiative.  What stands out for me, is the way our people continue to evolve and adjust their equilibrium to suit a “new normal”.  Coming from a culture of where we enjoy the social connectivity of meeting each other in reality, the team are finding innovative ways of keeping positive.  From sharing precious moments of where families are enjoying fun and laughter like they’ve never done before; or the snaps of the unspoilt creation looking beautiful in this fantastic weather whilst on the daily walk; to the amusing images of mishaps through self-managed haircuts.  These all help to keep us motivated and connected.

Thinking of others.  Whilst it is very easy to feel hard done by in these times.  We have an earnest desire to think and care for those around us.  In doing so, we are always on the look out for opportunities in which to help our stakeholders, but especially our customers.
You will probably recall last week, we launched our Red button strategy, to help our friends in distress.  Anyone who is challenged in the industry, the offer is still open.  Just email and we’ll get right in touch.

However, in our quest to further help, we’ve come up with a new initiative.  Welcome SmartSan.  A simple concept to help Contractors mobilise and get productive on their sites again.  Click on the SmartSan word to find out more.

So, if you are feeling like you are swimming against the current, I hope these life belts might help!

Stay positive, keep opportunity-focused and stay connected.

All the best.