COVID-19 A week’s reflection
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Our sympathies and thoughts continue daily to be with those individuals and families that have seen their loved ones become victims of this COVID-19 pandemic.  It is alarming how such diseases can claim the lives of many so quickly.

It is times like this that bring out the real core values of people.  It’s truly heart-warming to see so many men, women and children devoting their time and energies to unselfishly caring for others through this critical time.  Not least of all to mention the sterling efforts of our NHS.

One feels humbled, as one reflects on one’s own life.  I find it sometimes needs a jolt to galvanise you into really assessing what is important in life.  What really are your priorities?

I’m a fan of the 7 F’s – Faith, Family, Financials, Fitness, Friends, Function and Fun.   Fully recommend taking a blank sheet of paper and reassessing your priorities against these categories.  It really helps to press the “reset” button in life’s journey.

Turning to Colorminium…..

Our People – As our people begin to fashion their lifestyles and environments around the “working at home for the medium term” outlook, we remain fully cognisant of the huge challenge and paradigm shift that is required to really make this effective.  In endeavouring to ensure our teams continue to perform, we find that an all staff company daily huddle meeting on Zoom is an excellent way of achieving this.  Communicating daily on key metrics and information across the business allows the staff to share the leadership team insights into what is going on very frequently.  Keeping them positive and fun is also essential – Our Chairman, Ian Price enjoyed asking the families of all our staff to join today, promising the children £5 each today in reward for being so supportive of their parents – that went down well!!

Our Projects – With the health of our people, partners and stakeholders being a non-negotiable priority, we are constantly monitoring site activities to ensure rigid compliance with the government advice.  We would like to thank our site teams for how they are rising to the challenge of these new expectations and also for the innovative thinking that has seen some seemingly impossible site activities become possible by taking an “out the box” approach.  Feel free to reach out so we can share our ideas with you.

Our Customers, Partners and Stakeholders – We kicked off this year with a theme of “Stronger Together” – never did we realise just how important that would become as we do now.  We would like to thank everyone within our network for their continued hard work and support.  We can assure you of our commitment to deliver outstanding service at the current time.

Given, that we as humans are generally socially-wired, we are hungry for real connection – we’d love to hear how you are getting on and whether we can do anything to help.

Above all, remain positive, stay opportunity-focused and care for each other.  Stronger together.

All the best

Roscoe Price