Insights from Bisnow’s UK Real Estate Outlook 2023
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Last Thursday, we had the privilege of attending a thought-provoking event hosted by Bisnow, “Charting the Course: UK Real Estate Trends for 2023 and the Road Ahead.” The discussions were insightful and provided a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of the UK real estate market.

One recurring theme throughout the event was the recognition of a changing environment, marked by the looming US and UK elections in the coming year. This political uncertainty was a recurring concern, contributing to the nervousness within the industry.

A pivotal question that emerged was the strategic shift from traditional, less sustainable (“brown”) assets to more environmentally responsible (“green”) ones. The focus on sustainability and ecological considerations emerged as a significant driver of decision-making in the industry.

A good takeaway from the event was the idea that each asset has a unique journey and character. It was emphasized that neighbouring properties could perform very differently, underlining the need for bespoke strategies tailored to each asset.

Amidst these challenges, of political unease and fluctuating interest rates, the UK was praised for its USPs in the realm of real estate. Notably, the competitive asset acquisition costs and the strong common law framework stood out as strengths in an uncertain landscape.

In conclusion, Bisnow’s Real Estate Outlook event provided valuable insights into the nature of the UK real estate market in 2023. It emphasized the need for adaptability, sustainability, and the crafting of bespoke strategies for each asset to navigate the ever-evolving real estate landscape effectively.

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