Key takeaways from BISNOW’s London State of the Market event
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Pleased to share some key takeaways from our attendance at BISNOW’s London State of the Market Event earlier this week.

We came away feeling upbeat about the future of London’s real estate and condensed our takeaways into 3 key points:

• London is here to stay with the demand being for quality, height, light and collaborative open spaces. Good building design drives value, and it always will do.

• Need to be adaptable and explore all options, repositioning vs new development, not being single eyed on repositioning necessarily.

• Emphasis of ROX (Return on Experience) – ROI remains important in the world of development and real estate, but as with every sector, brand experience is what builds long term value!

Great to network with others at the event and have opportunity to convene at our recently completed project 127 Kensington High Street.