Peforated Mesh Cladding
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Following a recent factory visit to one of our cladding partners, we decided to share our insights into a facade product which we have found to have great architectural appeal.

The subject product is profiled, perforated, aluminium sheet cladding, which gives a unique, modern rhythmic aesthetic to complement any building.

The key advantage of the material is the flexibility; there are endless options for hole shapes and sizes, geometric patterns, profile and shape of finished sheet and finally powder-coated or anodised finishes, making it a perfect material to achieve the look specified. As well as achieving the desired aesthetic, due to its versatility, it can be used as a decorative material or as a weathertight component (for example a roofing sheet). This gives architects the option when designing their buildings.

The manufacturing process to produce this material is very interesting; the process begins with a flat coil of solid aluminium sheet 100m long (see images below) into 25 sheets of powder-coated, perforated, profiled and fabricated sheets which are then packaged up ready for dispatch.

This finished sheet can then be mounted onto a standard rainscreen/helping hand backing structure in a similar fashion to a traditional tray panel.

A great product and when selected for the right project, can have a stunning impact on any facade.

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