Re-accreditation of BSI
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Following thorough independent Audits of the Integrated Management System undertaken by BSI,  Colorminium have again successfully  obtained  recertification to all three of the Health & Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards, marking the 6th anniversary of Accreditation to these Standards by BSI;  no specific non-conformities were identified across any of the standards and a  further significant achievement of the process was to transition the accreditation to the recently published 2015 standards for Environmental (ISO !4001:2015 ) and Quality (ISO 9001:2015).

Colorminium’s specific commitment to Health and Safety and the essential Accreditations for Quality and Environmental,  include demonstration of lively  senior leadership focus with introduction of dynamic planning and reporting software systems and rhythms  as well as the implementation of new initiatives such as the provision of Occupational Health facilities for all staff.

Colorminium are pleased to have published the new current Certificates on their website  – including the BS OHSAS 18001 Certificate with the SSIP aspects and next time around will be looking forward to the transitioning to the new version of this standard also –  ISO 45001.