Safety Leadership
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Working within the construction industry, adhering to health and safety regulations is, of course, essential. However, at Colorminium, it is our belief that we need to delve deeper and not just tick boxes to comply with legislation. We strive to create a safety culture that involves everyone across the business and not just those working on our project sites – it is imperative that the risks associated with our working environment are understood by all.

In order to facilitate this, every month our Safety Leadership Team meets to discuss important safety topics, issues and initiatives that we believe can help to create a safer working environment, not just for our employees but for our clients, suppliers and the general public. The team is made up of a cross section of employees from different areas of the business that can directly impact the way that we work. The “SLT” have a responsibility to oversee the direction and clarify the overall vision to our people by leading by example and challenging unsafe behaviours. Carrying out reviews of our comprehensive safety reports allows the team to look beyond problems and identify solutions, creating ideas for the implementation of core safety strategies.

Active employee participation is a vital way of preventing and controlling hazards, therefore strong communication is vitally important to ensure that everyone is engaged with safety. Regular bulletins are released, reports discussed and toolbox talks carried out to ensure that our safety message is conveyed across the business. We believe that is important that everyone feels empowered enough to report safety concerns without a fear of being blamed.

As the Safety Leadership Team continues to evolve, there will be an increased focus on wellbeing as well as health and safety as we continue look after our greatest asset, our people.