Soundbites from BISNOW’s ‘The Future of Office’ Event
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It was great to attend the Bisnow Event on 21st March, which was hosted at YY London. This was an excellent opportunity to meet with so many from across the market and join in with the informative discussion about the future of office investment and development in London, offering a deeper look into the evolving nature of the workplace and where the market is headed.

Below are a few soundbites from the event:

·      The office Real Estate market is currently going through a period of change. A comment was made that it will take some time for it to level out, similarly to what we’ve seen in the retail market in recent years.

·    There was talk about a so-called separation between retrofit and new build buildings and caution against being binary when exploring the development opportunity.

·      The importance of consideration for the end user’s wants for a building and ensuring that efforts to be sustainable are at the forefront.

·      The blend of flexible users and longer-term HQ operators has proven successful in the Real Estate market. There are lots of opportunities available for developers in the market to purchase assets with low gearing and plenty of equity.

William Rabey enjoyed the opportunity to be on the panel alongside Michael Kovacs of Castleforge, Jon Spencer-Hall of Core Five, Alexa Baden-Powell of GPE, Laure Duhot of Hiris Capital, and Jenny Harbord of Art-Invest.

We look forward to further events like this – thanks to the amazing team at BISNOW for arranging it!