Soundbites from our Roundtable Event
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It was a pleasure to host another roundtable event on Tuesday June 13th, and have the opportunity to network with attendees from across the Real Estate market.
We enjoyed a hearty discussion about the challenges faced by the industry in today’s market, the need to build trust and the importance of developing a robust brief that can better the chances of a successful delivery.

Some key soundbites were:

  • Collaborating closely with clients in the initial stages ensures that the best ideas are formed to de-risk project strategy.
  • The group acknowledged that no one aspect can be considered by itself, design is a holistic understanding of all the essential factors of cost, compliance, and sustainability requirements.
  • Cultivating early trust between consultants and contractors is crucial for achieving smoother project execution, as it fosters an environment of care and understanding towards leaders’ concerns and perspectives. Striving for a balanced view that encompasses more than just technical considerations is essential in ensuring successful project outcomes.
  • The networking group agreed that they could all do more to help the client to develop a robust brief ensuring better chances of success through the delivery of the project.

We are looking forward to future events like these to provide opportunities to get round the table with like-minded people from the industry, to find the best possible solution and yield the best outcomes. Click here to watch a short clip of what some of the attendees at one of our recent event said.

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