Unveiling Sustainability and Innovation at Zak World of Façades
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It was great to have some of the team present at Zak World of Façades this year in London.

The event featured enlightening discussions and talks by various speakers, covering a range of topics, strategies to minimize material consumption and carbon generation throughout the building cycle, the pivotal role of façade design in both new constructions and retrofits, and the significance of existing buildings as reservoirs of materials in the holistic approach to decarbonization.

Outlined below are the key areas we plan to enhance:

Supply Chain Expansion:

  • We are dedicated to expanding our supply chain, exploring innovative options such as heat mirror glazing to stay at the forefront of façade design technologies.

Sustainable Materials Focus:

  • We prioritize sustainable materials, actively integrating Glass and Aluminium products with greater recycled content to reduce environmental impact.

Preserving History Through Reuse:

  • Our commitment to history involves the reuse of historic façade materials, including stone, blending modern sustainability with a respect for architectural heritage.

Façade Strategy Comparisons:

  • Actively engaging in comparisons of alternative wall build-up solutions ensures that our Façade Strategy evolves with cutting-edge innovations, maintaining a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

A big thank you to all the speakers, panellists, and moderators for contributing to an insightful and engaging conference and we look forward to the opportunity to attend again next year.

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