Well done team! We smashed our steps target in support of Cancer Research
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The Walk All Over Cancer Campaign is an initiative created by Cancer Research UK to raise awareness and funds to support cancer research.

As mentioned in this blog, Roscoe Price is particularly passionate about supporting this worthy cause having seen the impact of this disease very close to hand in his own family through the last 18 months and we were all glad to show our support with a goal to walk 10,000,000 steps in March.

This motivated our team to take a break from their screens and incorporate more physical activity into their day by going for walks during lunch breaks.

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can benefit both the mind and body. We encouraged our team to get out and step up to the challenge, not only for their own well-being but also to contribute towards the fight against cancer. We believe that by taking small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, we can make a significant impact on our own lives and in the wider community.

It was a pleasure to be involved in this initiative and we’re excited to share we achieved a massive 10,764,011 steps as a company in March! A generous donation of £1000 is being made to Cancer Research to support their ongoing research.