What is Compliance for Colorminium?
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Contemplating what Compliance really is for Colorminium … yes, the Integrated Management System (the IMS) was first launched in 2011 and provided the basis for accreditations by BSI to ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001… and yes, the IMS has been audited annually for each of the three Standards by BSI as well as other organisations like Achilles for Building Confidence… and yes it has successfully satisfied the probing to show the organisation to be compliant with a multitude of relevant aspects of legislation and Standards requirements, and demonstrated operational control in implementation of procedure and process… but is this all that Compliance really is?

I am sure there would be no dissent that Compliance is business critical for the organisation whether it be from Management, administrative or operational personnel, but for each discipline there would likely be different aspects in sharp focus and perhaps different perceptions of importance – but really there should be a consistency of approach or attitude…

Think about how a vast variety of population use our public roads – the same set of laws apply to all and would be well known to all but perfect compliance would be very rare? – each driver, aside from their level of competence, perhaps has their own view or interpretation of what is either acceptable driving behaviour or just what they feel they can do and get away with and not get done? – this, I suggest, practically illustrates variety in attitude to Compliance and may bear some fair comparison to organisational compliance.

So, if all the Organisation’s systems, policies, procedures, processes, controls etc, set the perfect pathway, structure, rail-tracks, or however you wish to express it, then it only requires the right attitude? So really Compliance is essentially more than paper and data, it is substantially about our people, our culture and our attitude.