Why Roscoe feels passionate about ‘Walk all over Cancer’ month
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I’m personally passionate about supporting Cancer Research in their ongoing lifesaving study to discover, detect, prevent, and treat Cancer.

Having seen the impact of this disease very close to hand in my own family through the last 18 months, it’s brought home to me the way something can come in and change your life, and the importance of making every day count.

So thankful for the detailed care of the medical team and the extensive research that has gone into the detection and treatment of cancer to date, and I’m certainly backing the continuation of this.

This month we’ve chosen to join in with Cancer Research’s theme to ‘walk all over cancer’ and aim to walk 10 million steps as a company throughout March.  When we hit our target we’ll be making a generous donation to Cancer Research to aid their ongoing discovery and development. 

Walking is the best exercise, and we encourage the team to get out and step up to aid a healthy mind and body, and form habits this month which will help them continue a healthier lifestyle!