William Rabey joins the panel at BISNOW Event
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On 22nd September 2022, William Rabey, Head of Client Relations here at Colorminium, participated in a panel discussion alongside other industry leaders Laurence Jones, Ben Cross, Ned Williams, Amanda Irwin and Yohance Harper in a discussion on ‘The Great Office Refurb: Increasing Asset Value.’

William added, “With the dynamics of development continually changing, it was fantastic to participate in the debate to aid in building London’s future. Occupiers and local communities will continue to play an increasingly vital part in the success of future developments, coupled with a strategically led approach ensuring all factors are considered, explored and realised early on in the development journey.

It was great to hear about signs of alignment on ESG standardisation from Basil at FORE, and the clear message that came through across various panels of putting effort, time, analysis and attention in early -to de-risk and realise all opportunities.”