Lillie Square Progress
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The transformation of the Seagrave Road car park in Earls Court to the tremendous Lillie Square, encompassing over 800 luxury residential homes is almost complete with many of the blocks already occupied.

Block A has already been handed over to the client, with many of the apartments already occupied over the last few months and this continuing over the foreseeable future.

Block G is quickly reaching the point where it can be handed over to the client. The building is undergoing finishing touches to ensure the client’s vision is made a reality. The block should be finalised within the next 4 weeks.

Block H is in the process of being handed over to the client with many of the apartments already in high demand.

Ian Price, founder of Colorminium, stated “Lillie Square has been an exceptional project to be involved in due to its iconic, high-end, residential status. The very intricate design has made it a great challenge, but certainly very rewarding to be part of”.

Lillie Square stands as a beautiful answer to a long standing problem in central London; living space.