Principal Place Pavilion Sliding Door
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Principal Place Pavilion will be the centre piece to the plaza in front of the commercial and residential tower.

Located on the City of London/Shoreditch border, the project is making great progress towards reaching completion.

The building, utilises a mixture of glass balustrades, architectural metalwork and curtain walling that will create a striking looking building and modern image that will be right at home in the Shoreditch area.

We will shortly be installing the triple track sliding door that extends to a total length of 18 metres. The attached pictures show the final commissioning and testing process in the fabrication factory.

The door is fully automated and made up of 6 leaves, each pane measuring at 3 metres square and weighing 500kg. It was crucial to work closely with the design team where we fine-tuned the bespoke details to suit the client’s requirements.

Simon Worrod, project manager at Colorminium, stated “It is one of the largest sliding doors in the world and It will be a key feature on this prestigious Foster + Partners project”.

The project is on track to be completed later this year.