Soundbites from BISNOW’s ‘Supercharging Urban Development’ Event
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Thanks for including us Bisnow, fantastic to have the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in the real estate market. It was great to engage in discussions and listen to the thought-provoking insights shared by the panellists. William Rabey was glad to attend the event and thoroughly enjoyed both the engaging discussion and the breath-taking views from Bankside Yards.

Some key takeaways from the event include:

  • The importance of adaptability and the ability to pivot throughout the development journey. Embracing change and maintaining flexibility can lead to successful outcomes.
  • There is a strong belief in London and the consistent demand for high-quality space. The evidence showcases that when approached with care and expertise, projects can thrive and flourish in this market.
  • Bringing partners on board early in the development journey is crucial. By involving them from the outset, developers can explore a wide range of possibilities and unlock potential opportunities.

We look forward to attending future events of this nature, as they provide valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration within the real estate industry.

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