Wadham College – Project Update
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Nestled in amongst the beautiful and historic Architecture of Oxford is the new John Wilkin Building. This building is the latest addition to the Oxford University’s masterplan creating an exciting new space for their students to live and network in.

Colorminium have been involved with the project from very early stages and as we near completion of the first phase we’re pleased to be able to share some progress photos with you.

Despite it’s relatively small size in terms of building mass, it’s nonetheless a very intricate piece of work and this is born out by the extent of the design work involved. We thought you may be interested in some of the numbers involved:

  • 1248 different drawings
  • 94 different glass frit patterns
  • 52 samples submitted
  • 300 different types of metal brackets
  • 360 different types of metal flashings

We look forward to sharing further photos of the completed works in due course.

Keep tuned to see the final project images – a truly stunning jewel set within Wadham College.