Carlton House Terrace Progress: A Year-End Recap
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Over the past few months, our team has achieved significant milestones on-site at Carlton House Terrace, witnessing the remarkable progress of the top floors (Lv5-9). The installation of window frames and stone features, both for existing and new openings, has added a touch of sophistication to the structure. The curtain wall systems on the top floors are installed, and scaffolding on South and North elevations being struck just before Christmas.

Looking ahead to the new year, we’re excited about commencing work in the remaining key areas, including the scenic lift and ground floor/Lv1. There is a mix of window frames, curtain wall systems, pass and revolving doors, as well as paving lights on the South elevation.

We are committed to delivering the project on time while ensuring the highest standards of quality. Employed directly by Altius Real Estate Ltd from a very early stage, we have worked closely with the team to develop the design, with heavy focus on ESG and the aspiration of achieving the intent whilst respecting the cost plan. It’s great to be working alongside both Blue Sky Building and RSHP to introduce a future-proofed office environment that promotes a healthy workspace, inspiring collaboration and creativity and in turn, caters for a post-pandemic market.

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