Colorminium is a UK-based business, engineering and delivering exceptional façade solutions for our clients. Founded in North London in 1976, the whole ethos of the company revolves around assisting our clients in making their visions a reality.

Recognised throughout the country and particularly London for our consistent delivery of prestigious and iconic schemes, we have consulted on, engineered, procured, fabricated and delivered numerous projects to a legendary level of detail and excellence that has grown to become a hallmark of Colorminium.

Family owned and run, our approach to facades is unique and progressive and at the heart of everything we do is a passion to excel at it. Since our beginnings we have endeavoured to find a better way to do things for our clients by constantly challenging the status quo and bringing progressive and advanced solutions to the market.

At the centre of everything we do is our client focus. We never work within the boundaries of a predetermined solution, but instead we develop unique and bespoke solutions that meet the requirements and aspirations of those we work with. Our staff and approach, whilst consistent with the company ethos and values, look to align ourselves with discerning clients that appreciate and value the expertise we bring to the market. This approach has built a portfolio that is as unique and diverse as the characters we work with.

As part of this drive and dedication to be industry leaders, we have to ensure we are experts on the issues and challenges that many of our clients experience. We do this by fully integrating into the strategy and ideas behind these developments to be able to bring results to the table that are synonymous with the bigger picture and respond to our clients’ needs and challenges.

Underpinning this whole approach is an uncompromising drive for quality and attention to detail in everything we do. This approach demands a consistency of management and an outlook of continuous improvement that enables these exacting standards to be maintained but ensures we stand out from the crowd. Our client’s results are only achievable through the combination of excellent consultation and experienced facade construction that we provide.